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maybelline brow drama review
I'm all about brows these days. The more on point the brow, the better. You just can't beat a good eyebrow. Trust me, I should know. I used to have hideous eyebrows. Where were my friends that they never told me?? These days I leave the shape of my brows to 'The Body Shop'. I get them threaded every 6 weeks and recently started to get them tinted too. I do not trust anyone else with my eyebrows. The girl who does my brows in the Athlone store has pretty good brows herself so I know I can trust her. Like I say for hairdressers : if they have bad hair don't let them near yours = if they have a bad brow etc. You gots to be careful guys.
Eyebrows have slowly become my new bold lip. I feel a little incomplete without them but there's just some days you do not have the time to sit down and perfectly fill your brows which is why I picked up the 'Maybelline BROWDrama' in the shade medium brown.
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Where as an eyebrow pencil gives you complete control over the shape of your brow and the ability to shade in sparse areas, the 'Maybelline BROWdrama' doesn't. It's simply a tinted brown sculpting mascara. It allows you to achieve a natural shape whilst tinting your brow to give a little definition.
It dries quickly which helps hold your brow hairs in place. The 'BROWdrama' doesn't weigh down your brow hair or make them look too intense so if you're hesitant about using an eyebrow pencil this is definitely something I recommend you buy. Especially if you're new to filling in your eyebrows because it gives you that slightly defined brow without going overboard ie. sharpie brow.
If you're more of an intense brow person you might enjoy using this to just set your brow in place. The ball on the end of the wand is also a really nice touch because it combs out your brow nicely.
Although I did expect a bit more color pay off from 'BROWdrama' I do enjoy using it for day to day use and i've repurchased it twice and will continue to repurchase until I find something better. I have heard this is a great dupe for Benefits 'Gimme Brow' so if you're looking for a cheaper alternative maybe try this out.
Have you guys tried this? What did you think? Comment below.

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Unknown said...

I've been using this recently - and yeah, switching from using a pencil/powder I did notice this gave a much more minimal look but, I kinda like it. This product is super fast and hassle free to use and it really does enough for me, unless I'm going all out with a big smokey eye etc.