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Yesterdays #OOTD

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(Top - Double Agent / Shirt - Tally Weijl / Skirt - Forever21 / Shoes - Topshop)
I dream of the day when I have some HQ #OOTDs on this blog but I don't see it happening anytime soon. Although I am thinking about venturing into youtube videos a tad bit. As a college/uni student I found it so hard to find lookbooks for fall that inspire me. It's all ~teen focused which is sweet and all but I dunno I just feel like its a little untapped at the mo?? Unless you guys know any? Do comment below (no gleamers, sadly they have nothing.)
If you squint a little and ignore my love for the valencia filter - you can see my hair has sneakishly returned to ombre. My brief spell in the sun lightened the ends of my hair a serious amount. I kind of like it though and you'd barely notice it so I'm thinking of leaving it like that for a while. Just get a little trim and stick to my treatments and should look and feel healthy?
I'm moving into my college apartment today. It could be short lived. I get my maths result on Friday and if I fail (fourth time) it's bye bye college which if you ask me is pretty freaking ridiculous. If a student has failed an exam this many times surely the college should be all 'yo! you having a problem with this? cause you don't seem to be getting it!'. Just me? Okay then :( but seriously, me and any maths just don't go. Fingers crossed anyway cause this year is made up of so many incredible modules and we're studying SEO & Web Analytics!! YEH! Just can't wait for Monday morning. It's been a long Summer and I just really want to get stuck into college and winter clothes and costa seasonal drinks and the Frozen soundtrack on repeat. Essentially I want it to be mid November ;)


Makeup Monster said...

You look fab as always!

Ellie Burns said...

loooove your top! and good look with the maths, I'm sure you've done fine! xx