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NOTD - Ciaté Ferris Wheel

ciate nail polish irish review
Aren't the Ciaté nail polish bottles so, so pretty? The bows are adorable and surprisingly sturdy. I thought it would fall off straight away! I got this nail polish in one of the caviar sets that Ciaté do. I didn't like the actual set but I just loved this shade of blue. It's this perfect icy, pastel blue. It reminds me of something Elsa from 'Frozen' might wear.
cute pastel nail polish
I have quite a few nail polishes and I can honestly say (with the exception of Essie) this is one of the best ones i've used.
Where the rest of them can chip almost instantly or require multiple coats to intensify the color this one doesn't. It's perfect.
The whole time I was on holiday I only had to reapply once. ONCE! Pretty good when you take into account how much we were in the pool and that trip to the water park.
 I especially like the wand on the Ciaté nail polishes. It's long enough for you to get a good grasp onto it which gives me more control and I don't mess up the application.
I fail at painting my nails and usually get the polish everywhere but because the brush on this is long and thin - I can get right into the corners of my nails and not get it all over my fingers.
Two coats is more than enough for the perfect manicure but a third just makes it extra glossy. Four days is the longest I get without chippage which is okay cause then I just have an excuse to try out another shade.....or to reapply this one. I need to wear a new shade, I've worn this one to death.
Have any of you tried the Ciaté nail polishes? What did you think?


Unknown said...

Love this shade, so pretty!
xprincessjas | x

Francesca | said...

I absolutely adore Ciate polishes, they're gorgeous and the formulas are amazing, too!
I love this colour, too, finding a good blue can be really difficult! xx

francesca | on-thebias | fashion, beauty, lifestyle