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Eating Out : Mixgreens Athlone

mixgreens athlone town centre
 Prepare yourselves. I mean it. There's a lot of tasty looking food in this post. You might actually drool. Maybe move your laptop away a bit. Just in case. You've been warned ;)
My friends and I are a bit into ~healthy food. We're avid smoothie drinkers and love a good salad but we like to eat out. A lot. We're kind of the opposite of the typical student. We love pizza and Supermacs but always live a night of regret afterwards. The post fast food remorse. But then my friend Ellie found Mixgreens tucked in the back of the Athlone Town Centre during the summer and now it's our new favourite place.
Mixgreens pride themselves as being a healthy alternative to fast food. They're food is cooked fast but not in the same way as McDonalds or Burger King. It's all fresh ingredients and they cater to most dietary requirements.
The vast majority of the menu is vegetarian which if you're like me (a meat hater) is fab. They also have a small paleo section too which i've never seen a restaurant doing before and a juice bar. The spinach juice I got last week was so delicious I had to resist buying one (five) more.
vegan health food athlone midlands ireland
 When I went in last week I ordered the Penne pasta but this time I ordered the 'Vegetable Satay Udon Noodles' which were absolutely scrumptious. Just some yummy noodles coated in a Malaysian peanut sauce with some vegetables topped with seseme seeds. My friend Niamh ordered them too and loved them so much she brought what she had left home with her. As the food is made right there as you're waiting they really cater to everyone's needs. My friend Ellie asked if they could remove some bits from her Fajita (the rice) and they were more than happy to do so. It wasn't a problem.
irish college lifestyle blog
 My friend Amy ordered one of the burgers. I can't remember which one but my god look at the size of it. I'm impressed that she managed to finish it. We've all challenged ourselves to order something different every time we go in, just to keep it interesting. Apparently they're going to be adding new things to the menu in the coming weeks. As if it wasn't good enough already.
mixgreens review athlone
The menu is so good that we spent the longest time trying to decide. Thankfully, the waiter in the Athlone restaurant was patient with us and left us to decide as we joked that they should make some of the food at least a little bit horrible so we would have an easier time ordering. He's been in there every time we've been in and he's so enthusiastically friendly. I love when waiters have lots of energy and make your experience that little more enjoyable. Encourages you to go back really. Gotta love those atmospherics too.
I really do recommend you try out Mixgreens if there is one near you. I know Galway has one or two and Limerick. They seem to be slowly popping up everywhere.

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