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Freshers Week

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Last week was Freshers Week in college, which for me and my friends was more of a 'see how many free pens you can get through out the week'. It was two. Two whole pens. Absolute shambles really. We did get some free Clarins skin care which was fab. Gotta love college and all the freebies in the canteen. We may be third years but there's no reason why we can't have a freebie or four.
(L-R Amy, Trina and Me)
Wednesday night was 'YOLOFest'. It sounds as cringey as it was but it was such a laugh. The college gym was turned into a dance hall with various bands playing throughout the night. Supermacs was even on hand with some pizza and there was a shuttle bus over to Karma so all we had to worry about was the taxi home. It was such a great night. I originally wasn't 'feeling' it and really wanted to stay in and watch 'Breaking Bad' but I forced myself and I'm so glad I decided to go out in the end.
costa athlone ireland
We hit Costa after class the next morning. Some people were nursing their hangovers and coffee was needed ASAP. That's the best part about being completely sober. You have all the fun of going out without the next morning pain. College is going really good this year. I don't know if you saw on my various social medias but I passed my maths exam by 1%. I needed 40% got 41%. Whoop go me. Graduation is at the end of October and I am living for it.
My housemate and I have decided to be 100% anti-social this week. We've done enough socialising in the last three weeks to last a semester. Who knew communication was so exhausting right?

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