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Freshers Week

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Last week was Freshers Week in college, which for me and my friends was more of a 'see how many free pens you can get through out the week'. It was two. Two whole pens. Absolute shambles really. We did get some free Clarins skin care which was fab. Gotta love college and all the freebies in the canteen. We may be third years but there's no reason why we can't have a freebie or four.
(L-R Amy, Trina and Me)
Wednesday night was 'YOLOFest'. It sounds as cringey as it was but it was such a laugh. The college gym was turned into a dance hall with various bands playing throughout the night. Supermacs was even on hand with some pizza and there was a shuttle bus over to Karma so all we had to worry about was the taxi home. It was such a great night. I originally wasn't 'feeling' it and really wanted to stay in and watch 'Breaking Bad' but I forced myself and I'm so glad I decided to go out in the end.
costa athlone ireland
We hit Costa after class the next morning. Some people were nursing their hangovers and coffee was needed ASAP. That's the best part about being completely sober. You have all the fun of going out without the next morning pain. College is going really good this year. I don't know if you saw on my various social medias but I passed my maths exam by 1%. I needed 40% got 41%. Whoop go me. Graduation is at the end of October and I am living for it.
My housemate and I have decided to be 100% anti-social this week. We've done enough socialising in the last three weeks to last a semester. Who knew communication was so exhausting right?


Revlon Colorburst 'Showy Flamboyante'

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I think when it comes to lip products Revlon can do no wrong so when I saw they were bringing out their own range of matte chubby lip crayons I jumped right to my nearest Revlon stand for a looksy. I'm a massive fan of Revlons lip butters and lip glosses and always hate them for bringing out so many shades because I can never decide which one to go for. I was tempted to go for the orange shade 'Mischievous' but my friend encouraged me to go with this one 'Showy Flamboyante'. Which I suppose is that little bit more wearable.
revlon colorburst showy flamboyante
'Showy Flamboyante' is this gorgeous bright, bold bubblegum pink which just screams Barbie to me. You may think it's a little too in your face but its actually just the right amount of pink.
Although it's a matte balm the product is that little bit creamier than other matte lipsticks i've tried which I really like because my lips dry out easily so having that extra bit of moisture stops my lips looking cakey.
As this product is a balm it doesn't have much staying power. You do have to reapply pretty often - every 2 hours - if you want it to look just right because it is transferable.
I did expect it to last a little bit longer than that though.
I was also really surprised that this had a minty taste to it? I would have expected a sweet strawberry scent or anything other than mint really.
revlon colorburst review
I also love Revlons attention to detail when it comes to their packaging. The matte balms all come in a lovely matte finish tube in the shade of the lip product. Makes it much easier to find your favourite shade if you have a few of these. I'm all about that simplicity when it comes to rummaging through my make up drawer.
Overall I really like this Colorburst matte balm. With the exception of longevity it ticks all the boxes of what I look for in a lip product - easy to apply, bright, bold shade and not too expensive.


Eating Out : Mixgreens Athlone

mixgreens athlone town centre
 Prepare yourselves. I mean it. There's a lot of tasty looking food in this post. You might actually drool. Maybe move your laptop away a bit. Just in case. You've been warned ;)
My friends and I are a bit into ~healthy food. We're avid smoothie drinkers and love a good salad but we like to eat out. A lot. We're kind of the opposite of the typical student. We love pizza and Supermacs but always live a night of regret afterwards. The post fast food remorse. But then my friend Ellie found Mixgreens tucked in the back of the Athlone Town Centre during the summer and now it's our new favourite place.
Mixgreens pride themselves as being a healthy alternative to fast food. They're food is cooked fast but not in the same way as McDonalds or Burger King. It's all fresh ingredients and they cater to most dietary requirements.
The vast majority of the menu is vegetarian which if you're like me (a meat hater) is fab. They also have a small paleo section too which i've never seen a restaurant doing before and a juice bar. The spinach juice I got last week was so delicious I had to resist buying one (five) more.
vegan health food athlone midlands ireland
 When I went in last week I ordered the Penne pasta but this time I ordered the 'Vegetable Satay Udon Noodles' which were absolutely scrumptious. Just some yummy noodles coated in a Malaysian peanut sauce with some vegetables topped with seseme seeds. My friend Niamh ordered them too and loved them so much she brought what she had left home with her. As the food is made right there as you're waiting they really cater to everyone's needs. My friend Ellie asked if they could remove some bits from her Fajita (the rice) and they were more than happy to do so. It wasn't a problem.
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 My friend Amy ordered one of the burgers. I can't remember which one but my god look at the size of it. I'm impressed that she managed to finish it. We've all challenged ourselves to order something different every time we go in, just to keep it interesting. Apparently they're going to be adding new things to the menu in the coming weeks. As if it wasn't good enough already.
mixgreens review athlone
The menu is so good that we spent the longest time trying to decide. Thankfully, the waiter in the Athlone restaurant was patient with us and left us to decide as we joked that they should make some of the food at least a little bit horrible so we would have an easier time ordering. He's been in there every time we've been in and he's so enthusiastically friendly. I love when waiters have lots of energy and make your experience that little more enjoyable. Encourages you to go back really. Gotta love those atmospherics too.
I really do recommend you try out Mixgreens if there is one near you. I know Galway has one or two and Limerick. They seem to be slowly popping up everywhere.


NOTD - Ciaté Ferris Wheel

ciate nail polish irish review
Aren't the Ciaté nail polish bottles so, so pretty? The bows are adorable and surprisingly sturdy. I thought it would fall off straight away! I got this nail polish in one of the caviar sets that Ciaté do. I didn't like the actual set but I just loved this shade of blue. It's this perfect icy, pastel blue. It reminds me of something Elsa from 'Frozen' might wear.
cute pastel nail polish
I have quite a few nail polishes and I can honestly say (with the exception of Essie) this is one of the best ones i've used.
Where the rest of them can chip almost instantly or require multiple coats to intensify the color this one doesn't. It's perfect.
The whole time I was on holiday I only had to reapply once. ONCE! Pretty good when you take into account how much we were in the pool and that trip to the water park.
 I especially like the wand on the Ciaté nail polishes. It's long enough for you to get a good grasp onto it which gives me more control and I don't mess up the application.
I fail at painting my nails and usually get the polish everywhere but because the brush on this is long and thin - I can get right into the corners of my nails and not get it all over my fingers.
Two coats is more than enough for the perfect manicure but a third just makes it extra glossy. Four days is the longest I get without chippage which is okay cause then I just have an excuse to try out another shade.....or to reapply this one. I need to wear a new shade, I've worn this one to death.
Have any of you tried the Ciaté nail polishes? What did you think?


Skincare : Garnier Moisture Match

 I thought since I blogged about the uber expensive Benefit Refined Finish Facial Polish the other day I would share with you something thats a little more budget friendly. I think when it comes to skin care there's a lot of trial and error. Sometimes products just don't work well with your skin and it's taken me some searching to find a moisturiser that I'm happy with. Especially because my skin is a bit of a pain. I have a whooole post coming up on that soon.
'Moisture Match' by Garnier is a range of five different moisturisers tailored to match specific skin types. I purchased the 'Normal to Dry Skin' one as it seemed to be the one that best matched my skin. I did consider going for the 'Combination to Oily Skin' one since I have an oily forehead but I figured since the treatment I use for my skin dries it out a tiny bit I'd be better off going for 'Normal to Dry'.
For how cheap it is I've been pleasantly surprised by this moisturiser. It has a nice simple powder blue packaging which matches the product beautifully. I'm a sucker for attention to detail. It dries into your skin instantly. Some products say it absorbs fast but this actually does which is a great change because there's nothing worse than being in a rush and having to wait for your moisturiser to dry in before you can apply your make up.
Although it's heavily scented it doesn't linger on your skin - thankfully. It's a sickening scent, I don't quite know how to describe it but I really don't like it and would prefer if it didn't have a scent to it at all but the positives out weigh this one negative.
My skin always feels really soft after i've applied this too. Not oily or heavy just nice and soft. I feel like its really hydrating my skin. I drink 2ltrs of water a day so my skin is pretty hydrated from the inside anyway but you really do need that extra something on your skin I've found. It claims to hydrate for 24hrs but I've found that to be a little far fetched. You are better off applying morning and night so really every 12hrs or so.
Overall I really like this moisturiser and I will definitely be repurchasing when I run out.
Have you tried any of the 'Moisture Match' moisturisers? Comment below.


Skincare : Benefit Refined Finish Exfoliator

Did you guys know Benefit did skin care? Yep, was news to me too and news that I quickly jumped on when I was in need of a new exfoliator. In typical Benefit fashion this Refined Finish facial polish wasn't cheap and I shudder at the thoughts of having to repurchase it because I'm nearly out and a new one is like 34€(!!!!!) but it's just so good.
When I first used it I wasn't too sure if I liked it or not. I'd previously been using the St Ives 'Apricot Scrub' and really liked how big the exfoliating beads in it were in comparison to the Refined Finish but throughout prolonged use i've decided that I actually prefer the smaller beads.
As you can hardly make out from this close up picture, the beads in the Refined Finish are absolutely miniscule. You'd barely know they were there until you start rubbing the product into your skin. I've found because they're so small they're a lot more abrasive. If that makes sense? the St Ives had quite big beads which covered less of your skin so you had to scrub harder and move the product to cover more of an area. With the refined finish there's more exfoliating beads so you scrub less and move your skin less.
I've found since I switched to the refined finish my skin feels a lot smoother and instantly refreshed.
It has never caused me to break out and doesn't irritate my skin which is fantastic because I have pretty problematic skin. I also like that it isn't scented so it's not harsh on my skin either.
I use it twice a week and sometimes three if I feel my skin needs that extra scrub and I literally have no faults other than the price.
If you're looking for a new exfoliator and have the money to spend, I really do recommend that you invest in the refined finish. A little bit really does go a long way and if you think about cost per use, well it pretty much pays for itself.
Have you tried this? Tell me what you thought in the comments.