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Simple Eye Roll On

I bought this with great expectations. I love Simple products and I've previously used the 'Kind To Eyes Eye Balm' and really liked it. This one looked like a cheaper alternative to one that Garnier does and I really want to try that out. This was also on offer so I picked it up.
Unlike the 'Kind To Eyes Balm' this is a roll on which I really liked the idea of. Sometimes when you're using a squeezy tube you can use too much and this seemed like the perfect product. Unfortunately I found the roll on really awkward to use. Sometimes the product wouldn't actually roll out and I ended up tugging the area around my eyes which you don't want because the skin beneath your eyes is very fragile and any tugging/stretching can lead to premature wrinkles. I had to properly squeeze the tube and move the ball along my hand to unstick the ball and get some product out.
The actual product when you get it out is great. It soothes your skin and your eyes instantly look less puffy. I really enjoy using this in the mornings when I wake up cause I always have bags beneath my eyes and it's not cute. The product doesn't linger on your skin so you can apply your makeup straight away. No waiting around. Great if you're in a hurry - alarm didn't go off. I also found it improved the appearance of any dark circles beneath my eyes. They're still there but they look a little less intense which is fab.
I doubt I'll repurchase this again just because the roll on ball really irritated me and I didn't like it tugging at my skin.If any of you have suggestions for how to stop the product getting stuck - comment below.


zara c said...

I liked this product too but wasn't too impressed on the tugging which really hurt! ouch! But i was impressed with the cooling sensation that it gives and my dark circles are also less prominent, fab review!

Unknown said...

Love the sound of this!
xprincessjas | x

Francesca | said...

I've been eyeing this up for a while (no pun intended!), but it's such a shame that the roller gets stuck, because I've always loved the idea of roller balls on undereye products xx

francesca | on-thebias | fashion, beauty, lifestyle

Makeup Monster said...

I know what you mean about that tugging sensation I've had that with other similar products and it's very annoying!