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L'oreal Extraordinary Hair Oil Review

Following on from my recent post on the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Mask here I thought I would share with you guys what else I've been using on my hair to bring it back to life. I picked up the L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil back when my hair was still ombre because I hoped it would make some difference to the ends. Really it just made them a whole lot softer but they still looked dead. Since I've dyed my hair brown however I've really noticed a difference using this oil. It's shinier, sleeker and not as frizzy. It's worth pointing out that this hair oil comes in two different types - one for all hair types and one that's especially for coloured hair. If you have coloured hair make sure you buy the coloured hair one as it won't strip away any of your dye.

The application is pretty simple - just after I've washed my hair I apply two pumps of this two my hands, rub them together to heat up the oil and then apply to the ends of my hair. I tip my head upside down and scrunch the ends just to make sure I'm getting all the hair. Making sure to focus on the ends where the ombre was. I then wash my hands straight away, this way I don't risk running any of it through my roots as that would result in them getting greasy quicker than usual. Don't want that. I then blow dry my hair like normal or air dry. Lately I've been letting my hair air dry more than I used to, sometimes your hair just needs a break from the heat.

If you're like me and actually do have greasy hair I wouldn't worry too much about this oil causing it to look unwashed and dirty. As long as you keep it from your roots and focus one the ends it's fine and doesn't weigh your hair down.

Hair oils are incredibly popular amongst bloggers and apparently this one is a fantastic cheap alternative to Moroccan oil. When I use this oil on my hair it leaves it feeling silky smooth. It soaks right into the strand of my hair and frizziness is at a minimum which means I have one less product to use in my hair. (remember Monica in Barbados is me). I'm most excited to bring this on holiday with me. Between the ocean and the pool my hair will need everything it can get and because this has a UV filter in it, it will protect my hair from any sun damage. Brilliant.
Have any of you tried this? Comment below with your thoughts.

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I haven't tried this but it sounds super lovely!
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