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Instagram Round Up & Spain

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Ahh so I'm back from my holiday :D I came back last Saturday but I had an exam Tuesday so was doing some last minute study. I think it went well. I don't know. I mean it's the fourth time I've done this exam. It's maths. Me and maths don't go together. Fingers crossed cause if I fail a fourth time it's bye bye college and that wouldn't be good.
My holiday was fantastic. It was so nice having time off from everything. Due to the lack of wifi we nearly went cold turkey on the interent. We found a good restaurant with good wifi which gave us a quick fix when we need it. 'Fresos'. Oh man just thinking back makes me hungry :( We went to La Zenia in Spain which is 45mins outside of Alicante. We'd been there before 7 years ago and it was brilliant. The last time we went we went with our extended family - aunts, cousins and it was so much fun. This time it was my brother, my friend and me.We did the typical touristy stuff and split half our time between 'Frescos' an Italian restaurant and 'Tommy Mels' an american style diner. We went to 'Frescos' so much that they began to recognise us so we took a day off and went to 'Tommy Mels' instead. 'Frescos' just had really good wifi - I mean the world needed to know we were alive since vodafone charge outrageous overseas rates. Robbers. If anyone knows a good phone network do comment below because I'm so done with vodafone and their daylight robbery.
If you ever go to Alicante / La Zenia I do recommend going to 'Aqualandia' rather than 'Aquapolis' as 'Aquapolis' hasn't many slides and is more swimming pools than anything else. We got bored of it after a while and ventured into Torrevieja for a few hours to look at the market stalls whilst we waited for the shuttle bus to come back.
The biggest shopping centre in the whole of La Zenia opened last year 'La Zenia Boulevard' and it was the coolest shopping centre I've ever been to. Its kind of American style and had all these nifty little sprinklers to cool you off as you walked around. We especially loved the arcade and cheated on the basketball games so we could win a Despicable Me minion cup. Shhhh don't tell them ;) I made a short vlog if you want to check it out and maybe sub to my new channel?!

It was a great holiday but I'm so happy to be home. Starting back to college in a few days and I'm so excited for this year and all the brilliant modules we're going to be doing. Assuming I passed that repeat maths exam. Fourth times the charm right??

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