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Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara

The Bourjois 1 Seconde mascara was all over the blogsphere during the Summer so chances are you've probably read all about it but I had to get my two cents out there because I'm OBSESSED with this. Bold statement to make but I'm pretty sure this is up there as my favourite product of 2014 and I mean it's only August so it's gotta be good.
I actually bought this without reading a single review which is rare for me. I was immediately drawn to it's shiny packaging. Against all the black and off blacks and black with a hint of basic grey or pink it just really caught my eye. There's also coral. I love coral. Good call Bourjois, my inner magpie was very pleased.
The idea behind this mascara is that the formula dries instantly so as you're applying it to your lashes it's holding that curl and adding volume to your lash.
The brush is unlike your typical mascara wand as it has these tiny little balls between the spikes to help coat every lash in a 360° motion. Where the spikes help separate your lashes and avoid clumping, the balls help push your lashes upwards to give the effect of a curl all without using an eyelash curler. The spikes also get smaller towards the end of the wand which helps grab all those tiny lashes near the corner of your eye.
When I'm applying the mascara I shimmy it right up to my lash line and make sure I twist the wand rather than pull it out over my lashes. This way I'm making sure all those nifty balls are reaching my lashes and the spikes can really separate. If apply by just pulling it out from the lash line I don't get nearly as good as a curl or volume.
I love this mascara. The formula dries instantly without clumping my lashes or leaving them all flaky feeling. It elongates them and leaves a lovely curl. I've been using this every day since I bought it and it's the perfect mascara to transition to night time because you can really build up the product to give a more 'dramatic' night look.
Have you tried this? Comment below with your thoughts.


Instagram Round Up & Spain

Airport travel / Roof top in Spain / Beach time
Jasmines by the pool / Shopping to poolside / Going home with a tan
Studying OOTD / Pamper night / OOTD
Ahh so I'm back from my holiday :D I came back last Saturday but I had an exam Tuesday so was doing some last minute study. I think it went well. I don't know. I mean it's the fourth time I've done this exam. It's maths. Me and maths don't go together. Fingers crossed cause if I fail a fourth time it's bye bye college and that wouldn't be good.
My holiday was fantastic. It was so nice having time off from everything. Due to the lack of wifi we nearly went cold turkey on the interent. We found a good restaurant with good wifi which gave us a quick fix when we need it. 'Fresos'. Oh man just thinking back makes me hungry :( We went to La Zenia in Spain which is 45mins outside of Alicante. We'd been there before 7 years ago and it was brilliant. The last time we went we went with our extended family - aunts, cousins and it was so much fun. This time it was my brother, my friend and me.We did the typical touristy stuff and split half our time between 'Frescos' an Italian restaurant and 'Tommy Mels' an american style diner. We went to 'Frescos' so much that they began to recognise us so we took a day off and went to 'Tommy Mels' instead. 'Frescos' just had really good wifi - I mean the world needed to know we were alive since vodafone charge outrageous overseas rates. Robbers. If anyone knows a good phone network do comment below because I'm so done with vodafone and their daylight robbery.
If you ever go to Alicante / La Zenia I do recommend going to 'Aqualandia' rather than 'Aquapolis' as 'Aquapolis' hasn't many slides and is more swimming pools than anything else. We got bored of it after a while and ventured into Torrevieja for a few hours to look at the market stalls whilst we waited for the shuttle bus to come back.
The biggest shopping centre in the whole of La Zenia opened last year 'La Zenia Boulevard' and it was the coolest shopping centre I've ever been to. Its kind of American style and had all these nifty little sprinklers to cool you off as you walked around. We especially loved the arcade and cheated on the basketball games so we could win a Despicable Me minion cup. Shhhh don't tell them ;) I made a short vlog if you want to check it out and maybe sub to my new channel?!

It was a great holiday but I'm so happy to be home. Starting back to college in a few days and I'm so excited for this year and all the brilliant modules we're going to be doing. Assuming I passed that repeat maths exam. Fourth times the charm right??


Simple Eye Roll On

I bought this with great expectations. I love Simple products and I've previously used the 'Kind To Eyes Eye Balm' and really liked it. This one looked like a cheaper alternative to one that Garnier does and I really want to try that out. This was also on offer so I picked it up.
Unlike the 'Kind To Eyes Balm' this is a roll on which I really liked the idea of. Sometimes when you're using a squeezy tube you can use too much and this seemed like the perfect product. Unfortunately I found the roll on really awkward to use. Sometimes the product wouldn't actually roll out and I ended up tugging the area around my eyes which you don't want because the skin beneath your eyes is very fragile and any tugging/stretching can lead to premature wrinkles. I had to properly squeeze the tube and move the ball along my hand to unstick the ball and get some product out.
The actual product when you get it out is great. It soothes your skin and your eyes instantly look less puffy. I really enjoy using this in the mornings when I wake up cause I always have bags beneath my eyes and it's not cute. The product doesn't linger on your skin so you can apply your makeup straight away. No waiting around. Great if you're in a hurry - alarm didn't go off. I also found it improved the appearance of any dark circles beneath my eyes. They're still there but they look a little less intense which is fab.
I doubt I'll repurchase this again just because the roll on ball really irritated me and I didn't like it tugging at my skin.If any of you have suggestions for how to stop the product getting stuck - comment below.


My Travel Make Up Bag

As you're reading this I'm still in sunny old Spain. If you're following me on any of my social media you'll know what I'm up to. This is a scheduled post. I might not even have wifi there. At least I'll have sun and a pool. Okay I'll stop making you all jealous. This bag is Benefit btw.
So these are what I decided to bring with me. Assuming I did. At the time I was writing this post I considered dropping some bits.
Avéne Thermal Spray - I read on another blog if you put this in a fridge it's really refreshing in the heat but I decided not to bring it in the end cause it took up too much space. I usually use it after a workout or to help take off my make up.
Body Shop Body Butter -  this smells so good and I can only imagine how good it will smell in the heat. It's a floral scent and the tub is tiny so it doesn't take up too much space in my luggage.
Boots Eye Cream -  Left this behind. I'll have a post coming on this soon. 
Clearasil - I decided I could live without this for the week and took it out but I really like this cause it helps improve acne scarring and keeps spots at bay.
Garnier After Sun - pretty self explanatory. I love this. It really soothes your skin when you step in from the sun. I turn red and then tan. I rarely burn but I'm so pale I like to be cautious in the sun. I'll be purchasing sun screen over there.
Garnier Moisturiser - gotta keep my skin hydrated. I love this moisturiser. It's the normal to dry skin one and it smells really nice and dries into your skin instantly. If I'm not wearing a BB cream I'll just through this on.
Optimals Oxygen Boost - this is a face product with SPF in it. I've never used it before and I'm not sure if it's a moisturiser or what it actually is but it will protect my face.
Tangle Teezer - Can't be without my trusty little tangle teezer. I have a post on this here.
Seventeen, NYX, Revlon - Yes I have three lip products here. I need choice and they're all a different variation of pink and they really complete an outfit and ahh this is very restrained. I wanted to through in two more but stopped myself.
Maybelline BB Cream - This BB cream is actually too dark for me even though it's the palest. I'm hoping it will match when I get home though. I probably won't even use it with the heat.
Benefit Erase Paste - Just to cover that bit of scarring on my face. It's nasty. I've done a full post on this here.
Benefit Powda Wowza - Okay I have this a disgusting length of time but i've only started to hit pan and Benefit is expensive. This is handy for traveling because it has a bronzer and two blushes in it. I've blogged about this before here.
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil & Maybelline Brow Drama - gotta keep on top of those eyebrows. The browdrama isn't great. It's barely tinted but it works well enough to hold the brow hair in place. The eyebrow pencil is my favourite thing and I love the little brush.
Bourjois 1 Second Mascara - Mascara really opens up your eyes and I love this one. It curls your eyelashes and dries instantly. It doesn't create 'spider legs' and has a really great wand. I have a post on this coming soon.
So there you have it. This is what I initially packed for my holiday. I did remove two or three bits cause they weren't necessary and I need all the room for shopping ;)


The Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub

I bought this body scrub yesterday after seeing Grace (Ziegfeld Girl) mention it in a haul post here. I love it so much I thought I would share it with you guys straight away. Especially because at the moment it's currently down from 19€ to 10€. Yes, The Body Shop is having a sale and I managed to restrain myself to one single item.
I love body scrubs nearly as much as I love body butters and I looove body butters. I think it's important to take care of your skin and scrubs and body butters go hand in hand.
A good exfoliation every few days can really help the overall appearance of your skin. It's just like exfoliating your face - it takes away all that nasty dead skin and helps to even out your skin tone. If you apply fake tan it's important that you exfoliate regularly as it helps the product absorb better and the look of your tan is more natural. The same with shaving. Exfoliating those legs will leave them silky smooth and help you achieve a better shave.
This body scrub from The Body Shop is different to the ones I usually use because its more slimy/gel like (Grace compared it to jam). The ones I use are thicker and just that little more abrasive. Having used this one I can now say that for day to day use they're a little too harsh and I'll be switching to use this one for day to day use.
The raspberry body scrub has all these tiny little sugar granules that you barely notice when you apply it to your skin but as soon as you start to scrub you can really feel them getting to work. They're tiny. I also really like that the little seeds within the scrub act as part of the exfoliator too for a better scrub.
I focused this scrub on my shoulders last night because I've got some horrible back-ne as a result of acne medication and I'm really impressed. Where as my Soap and Glory one was a little too harsh for this area and really didn't make much of an improvement, this one from The Body Shop has left the area feeling super soft and has slightly improved the redness.
Overall I'm seriously impressed with this scrub. Not only does it smell deliciously sweet and look good enough to eat but it gets off all that icky dead skin and leaves your skin feeling ridiculously smooth. A+ from me.
Have you guys tried this? What did you think?


Fitness Friday #1

In the last few months I've really gotten into fitness and working out. Instead of quitting something for lent, I took the other approach and took up something. That something being going to the gym which I stuck with till June. The gym was great and all but it's expensive and awkward to get to when you don't live in the town and I prefer to go with a friend. Two busy schedules are hard to work around. I recently decided to invest in a second hand treadmill from and I'm so glad I did. Working out at home is a lot more practical and pocket friendly. As I tweet a lot about working out and all that I figured I'd start a new series on my blog 'Fitness Friday'. It probably won't be every week but I asked on Twitter and some of you said you would love to see it so here we are :D
I'm going to start the series off with my favourite workout companion - the polar ft4 watch.
The Polar ft4 watch is incredibly popular in the online fitness world. After seeing numerous people with the watch I decided to invest and I'm very happy I did. I bought mine from but I've heard you can get it even cheaper on The Polar FT4 is a two piece - the watch and the heart rate monitor. Something I didn't know until I had actually opened the box when it arrived (I never read a review on it WEIRD).
The heart rate sensor is an adjustable band which you strap around your upper body close to your heart - obviously. In order to use the monitor you must first wet the strap with a bit of cold water otherwise the signal between the watch and the strap won't work.
As I originally thought the whole thing was just a watch , I was pretty annoyed that I would have to wear the strap but honestly it's so light and comfortable that you forget you're even wearing it. The strap material is nice and soft and moulds itself around your body. I wear it just below my sports bra and I barely notice it during my work out.
Once you have the strap in place you press start on your watch and you're ready to go.
 The watch comes in a few different colours so if pink isn't for you don't worry. The other colours weren't ~girly enough for me (little macho) so I went for pink. I love it, I think it looks really cute and because it doubles as an actual watch it doesn't look out of place for normal day to day wear.
The watch is incredibly smart. It tracks your heart rate, calories burned, the length of your workout and whether or not you're in your fat burning zone. When you finish your workout it saves all this in the sub menu 'data' under the date you worked out. I like being able to go back and check out previous workouts to make sure I'm pushing myself enough and improving my performance each time I workout. I also think the watch is incredibly accurate because when you first set it up you insert your height, weight, age, gender etc so unlike the trackers on the exercise machines it knows 'you'.
I've also read that the watch is water resistant so if you want to use it to track your swims you can. I can't swim so sadly I will never know.
Overall I really enjoy using this watch and never fail to use it for a workout. If you're looking for a heart rate monitor watch I would highly recommend this one. It's simple to use, looks great and tracks all your workouts so you don't have to. Perfect.
Have any of you used this? What did you think? Comment below.
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