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Topshop Lipstick - Idol

I purchased this Topshop lipstick in the shade 'Idol' FOREVER ago and I recently rekindled my love with it. Topshop do fantastic lipsticks that come in a variety of shades and I love how vibrant and fun they are. I've previously blogged about the blushes and other lipsticks here.
Idol is a gorgeous fuchsia pink which is great for me because I cannot pull off hot pink. The purple undertones just make it a super fun shade that you can wear day and night. It's my go to for nights out with the girls. It's very pigmented but you can also lightly tap it against your lips for a less intense color pay off. I love a bright lip so I tend not to really do that but if you want to play it down for work or a casual lunch it's the best way to apply.
The trouble with this lipstick is you do have to reapply quite often. I find it just wipes off my lips a lot faster than other lipsticks in the Topshop make up range. Thankfully it doesn't build up on my lips. You know how some lipsticks when you keep applying them they look a little gloopy on your lip? Yep not here thankfully. The finish is a matte finish so if you have pretty dry lips you may want to stay away from this. Also, can we take a moment to recognise how terrible the Topshop lipstick packaging is? It does not do well with wear. It looked so cute to begin with.
I still love it regardless of any negatives.
It's just the best for that perfect pout.

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Madiha Tabbasam said...

Love the packaging for Topshop make up and that colour is absolutely gorgeous!