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Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen

I'm sure you're all aware at this stage that I suck at cat eyeliner. I find it near to impossible to perfect. I always end up with too much liner and a wonky little flick. We've all been there. I have tried numerous eyeliners that all had great reviews but sadly they didn't end up being that fab for me. The 'Supercat' black eyeliner pen from Soap and Glory however is possibly the best eyeliner I have ever used. It's also pretty inexpensive at around 12€.
The packaging is pretty basic in comparison to other Soap and Glory products. It's a sleek black with a pink font, nothing too exciting. I would have loved if it was pink like the box.
The tip of the pen is the perfect point for creating a thin black line along your eyelid. It's flexible too so it's great when you're dragging it over the curve of your eyeball. For me i find it's easiest to use the tip to create a little guide line and then use the thicker part of the nib at an angle to thicken the line to just how I like it. You don't have to press to hard for the liner to come out either which is fantastic because some other liners like this tend to have quite a dry nib and you really need to press down hard on your eyelid to get any sort of line.
As you can see I drew quite a thin line. I wanted to go for a subtle look with a tiny flick at the end. This was my first attempt with the supercat eyeliner pen and I was seriously impressed. Especially because I don't have the steadiest of hands and attempting to draw a neat line can be a little tedious. To create the little flick I drew an upward line and carefully brought it back down to connect with the line on my eyelid. This is the process where I'm most likely to go wrong and surprisingly didn't. I put this down to the flexibility of the nib. It moves easily as you're drawing over your lid and doesn't get caught in the skin like other liners.
The liner lasted all day without fading. I even wore it to work to test out just how well it could last. Everything stayed in tack and there was no transfer of the eyeliner to my upper lid. I find this can happen with some eyeliners throughout the day and that can get a little itty bit awkward if your friends don't tell you. Friends! Y u no tell??
This was the overall look. Apologies for the webcam shot. It was the best I could do.
Have any of you guys tried this? What did you think? Comment below yo.
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Makeup Monster said...

I'm usually crap with pen style liners!! This looks lovely on you, I really need to practice my liner skills!

Unknown said...

i am really into pen/feltip eyeliners at the moment. This one really does look nice. Might have to pick it up!
Hareem xx

Lita said...

I really like tips and info for your pen style liners, look nice.


Unknown said...

its look like some thing really fantastic, i am just loving it Lost and found