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Life Lately

Hey guys, sorry for the iPhone/Snapchat pictures. They're not the best quality are they? I never have my camera with me. The battery died at One Direction and I only put it on charge yesterday. So bad. Last week I did a few things that weren't work. I went to Athlone with ma friend Trina and we had a route through the sales, hit Penneys and had some froyo. I got my eyebrows threaded and tinted when I was in The Body Shop in Athlone and I am obsessed. I've never had them tinted before and they look amazing. I was a little scared that they would be a bit ahhh but they looks so good. I don't trust anywhere else with my brows and only ever get them done there. It was 20€ for the two so that was great.
Brought the little bro for american style pancakes with some crispy bacon and had an oreo milkshake. They were so yum. Seeing this picture is making me want to have them all over again. I'm sorry if it's making you guys drool.
If there was a ever a scary before and after make up, this is it haha. Gotta love snapchat. I had my hair done this week. Cut a whole lot off the ends and got rid of the ombre. I love ombre, I really do. But when mine was done, it was done really badly and my hair was just so dead and ratchet. So happy its gone. It feels so much healthier now and I love the dark brown.
I went and saw TFIOS for a third time during the week. I'm tempted to go a fourth time but I will restrain myself. It was just so good. I didn't cry though. Cried during the book but during the movie I was too aware of everyone else crying haha. I introduced all my friends to the books so it was kind of cruel of me to go with them to see it and laugh as they cried. Top friend. The soundtrack is just perfection. I haven't been listening to anything else. I probably should get a life that's a little distant from TFIOS but I waited so long for the movie I just can't deal. Can the dvd hurry up and come out already?


jess said...

looks like you've been having a good time recently! I've had my eyebrows threaded once and it was super painful. I usually stick to plucking them, because I always break out after a wax!

I haven't seen AFIOS because I'm afraid I'll cry the full 2 hours!

Jadieegosh said...

Wow just came across your blog and I must say I love it :) the design if amazing and It's a great read :)

I have just uploaded a new post would mean a lot if you was to comment me what you think

keep up the fanatic work :)

keep in touch



The Equinox Fashion by Paweerata said...

Looked like you guys were having fun! Have a great Sunday darling xx

RetroStreetStation said...

very nice impressions <3


Makeup Monster said...

Your hair looks lovely and healthy!

Dilan Dilir said...

I think it´s fun and really nice to also upload phone pictures and not only perfect digital camera photos.. So I really liked the photos in this post :D

Ellie Burns said...

those pancakes!!! and i haven't even seen tfios yet i'm feeling so behind x

Unknown said...

Glad to see your enjoying your summer! TFIOS was really good! Followed your blog of course, it's amazing :P