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Kylie Jenner inspired #OOTD

(Bag - Michael Kors, Boyfriend Jeans & Check shirt - Primark, Crop Top - Tally Weijl)
(image via google search)
Kylie Jenner is my favourite out of the whole Kardashian fam. Pretty closely followed by Scott and Khloe. I love her street style. It's grungy 90s tossed with a bit of ~LA. Not too mad on her red carpet style however but that's all stylist stuff innit? Ahh she just doesn't care and I live for her Tumblr and Instagram. I even have a whole board dedicated to her on Kendall on Pinterest if you want to check it out here.
I'm sure you're all sick of these mirror snaps but I literally have no idea where to start with taking 'proper' ootd pics with an actual tripod and camera. I kind of like them though. People take blogging so seriously these days which is why I've been trying to decide if I want to continue blogging at all. I recently decided to just distant myself from the whole blogging thing for a while until I felt I could enjoy it again and well here we are.
 My mirror also looks permanently dirty but it's actually some weird stain the polish i used on it left. I need a new one and some good lighting haha.


Holly said...

So cool and cute. Love the topknot and the jeans, totally fail safe look :) xx

Megan said...

Such a laid back look, Kendall is also my fav Kardash!!! You look amazing btw xxx