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Ebay Wishlist #2

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This is less of an 'ebay wishlist' and more of a 'I went ahead and purchased all of this after making the collage and I'm not even sorry list'. Yup. My finger slipped and now I'm broke. But really they were all investment pieces. The Triangl knock offs are a saving. A steal if even. I would have paid more for a terrible River Island version. Well ,.,., that is what I will continue to tell myself. I love you Triangl but I don't love you enough to pay 89$ on a swimsuit. Besides, half the peeps on instagram were sent the popularity is questionable. All of these are coming from China so they won't be here till AUGUST. So far away. It will be like 12 days of Christmas when they all start to arrive. 
My postman probably thinks I have an online shopping problem.
Keeping An Post in business sure..


Victoria said...

Two things I love about shopping on eBay 1) You can buy all the things as it's dirt cheap. 2) Things take so long to arrive you forget about it by the time it comes and it feels like Christmas

Unknown said...

Wonderful wonderful eBay! I love how they have dupes of so many things! I absolutely love that wishlist of yours and will prob end up adding them to my basket too :P When the things arrive, do make a blog post! I'd love to see how they really are (:

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