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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet - Olé Flamingo

(Rouge Edition Velvet - 12.49€)
This Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick is one of my favourite purchases from the last few months. I initially didn't want to give into the hype and rush out and buy one buuut this one just called out to me on the newly stocked Bourjois stand in Boots. 'Buy me Jess, you need me' it whispered to me as I walked up and down the make up aisle.. That definitely happened. I swear..
The Rouge Edition lipsticks are available in 6 shades which are all quite similar if I'm honest. They're all pretty much on the same colour spectrum dark red - bright pink. No purple shades or anything like that. Maybe for winter they might bring out a few more. I hope they do as I'd really like to try a berry purple in this formula. I eventually went for 'Ole Flamingo' which is a vibrant bright pink. I also think it can look a little neon pink sometimes depending on the lighting.
The lipstick itself is quite liquidy. So you do have to be careful when applying it as it can get everywhere. I always make sure to wipe off extra product from the wand as I have learned from my mistakes. It's a real bugger to wipe off the skin. Trust me.
I also recommend using a lip liner to help with applying because of how liquidy it is. It has a tendency to bleed out over the lips and you end up looking like you have a wonky mouth. I've learned to perfect my application by applying a little at a time, focusing the main amount of product on the centre of my lip to create an ombre effect.
It's so insanely pigmented though. The first time I used it I was a little scared. I knew it would be intense but I wasn't expecting it to be so outrageously bright. I love it. Really livens up a simple day time make up look. Not the shade for a day at work however, but perfect for lunch with the girls.
The final finish is the best part. It matteifies (real word? probably not) and looks really chic. It doesn't dry out your lips and they feel really soft and smooth. Like you're not even wearing a lipstick. It's brilliant.
It has the colour pay off of a lip tint but the smoothness of a lip balm.
It lasts quite well throughout the day and doesn't transfer onto cups and stuff which is brilliant - gotta love that matte finish. On a recent night out I only had to touch it up once and only because I wanted to build up the colour.
Lets bow down to the Photo Booth selfie shall we? Some day I will master the camera selife but today is not that day ladies. But isn't it such a gorgeous shade? I think no matter what your skin tone anyone can pull this off. If you're afraid of a bright bold lip - don't be. Work it! I used to stick to the boring nude pinks that you would barely even notice but now I'm all about the bright lip. I've had many compliments on this lipstick and it's definitely one I'll be repurchasing. I might even try one of the other shades. Perhaps a red?
Comment below if you've tried this Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick before and what shade you think I should buy next.


OOTD & Costa

Guys, guys, GUYS can we talk about this humidity for a second? How do you people of hotter climates deal with this all the time? I feel like I'm being suffocated. My hair and humidity also don't go together - monica in barbados - that is all I'm saying. Trying to find clothes that don't make you over heat and also protect you from the sporadic rain showers is a little hard but sure.. My kimono from ebay arrived at the end of last week and I've had a hard time taking it off. It's just so damn comfy. I wasn't expecting it till August so I was pleasantly surprised when it come through the letter box last week. My top is Penneys / Primark, shoes are Topshop and my high waisted shorts are from Tally Weijl.
I rediscovered this necklace this morning. My cousins brought it back from Spain as a little gift a few years ago and I left it up because I didn't want it to get ruined from wear because it's so nice. The purple in the middle is so eye catching.
Me and my friend Trina went to Costa yesterday for some ice coolers. They were so good. I went for the strawberry one and it may be my new favorite drink in Costa. Trina didn't want to be pictured but look how cute her nails are!! They're from Wet 'n' Wild and the white one lasts pretty well if you're looking for a good white nail polish. The pink accent nail is such a nice idea for Summer and I'm going to be stealing her idea the next time I paint my nails. Really I've just been having a fab time wandering around with my friends doing nothing. That's what Summer is all about though isn't it? (Lets forget that I work weird hours too tho). Hope you're all enjoying the humidity.
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Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen

I'm sure you're all aware at this stage that I suck at cat eyeliner. I find it near to impossible to perfect. I always end up with too much liner and a wonky little flick. We've all been there. I have tried numerous eyeliners that all had great reviews but sadly they didn't end up being that fab for me. The 'Supercat' black eyeliner pen from Soap and Glory however is possibly the best eyeliner I have ever used. It's also pretty inexpensive at around 12€.
The packaging is pretty basic in comparison to other Soap and Glory products. It's a sleek black with a pink font, nothing too exciting. I would have loved if it was pink like the box.
The tip of the pen is the perfect point for creating a thin black line along your eyelid. It's flexible too so it's great when you're dragging it over the curve of your eyeball. For me i find it's easiest to use the tip to create a little guide line and then use the thicker part of the nib at an angle to thicken the line to just how I like it. You don't have to press to hard for the liner to come out either which is fantastic because some other liners like this tend to have quite a dry nib and you really need to press down hard on your eyelid to get any sort of line.
As you can see I drew quite a thin line. I wanted to go for a subtle look with a tiny flick at the end. This was my first attempt with the supercat eyeliner pen and I was seriously impressed. Especially because I don't have the steadiest of hands and attempting to draw a neat line can be a little tedious. To create the little flick I drew an upward line and carefully brought it back down to connect with the line on my eyelid. This is the process where I'm most likely to go wrong and surprisingly didn't. I put this down to the flexibility of the nib. It moves easily as you're drawing over your lid and doesn't get caught in the skin like other liners.
The liner lasted all day without fading. I even wore it to work to test out just how well it could last. Everything stayed in tack and there was no transfer of the eyeliner to my upper lid. I find this can happen with some eyeliners throughout the day and that can get a little itty bit awkward if your friends don't tell you. Friends! Y u no tell??
This was the overall look. Apologies for the webcam shot. It was the best I could do.
Have any of you guys tried this? What did you think? Comment below yo.
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Life Lately

Hey guys, sorry for the iPhone/Snapchat pictures. They're not the best quality are they? I never have my camera with me. The battery died at One Direction and I only put it on charge yesterday. So bad. Last week I did a few things that weren't work. I went to Athlone with ma friend Trina and we had a route through the sales, hit Penneys and had some froyo. I got my eyebrows threaded and tinted when I was in The Body Shop in Athlone and I am obsessed. I've never had them tinted before and they look amazing. I was a little scared that they would be a bit ahhh but they looks so good. I don't trust anywhere else with my brows and only ever get them done there. It was 20€ for the two so that was great.
Brought the little bro for american style pancakes with some crispy bacon and had an oreo milkshake. They were so yum. Seeing this picture is making me want to have them all over again. I'm sorry if it's making you guys drool.
If there was a ever a scary before and after make up, this is it haha. Gotta love snapchat. I had my hair done this week. Cut a whole lot off the ends and got rid of the ombre. I love ombre, I really do. But when mine was done, it was done really badly and my hair was just so dead and ratchet. So happy its gone. It feels so much healthier now and I love the dark brown.
I went and saw TFIOS for a third time during the week. I'm tempted to go a fourth time but I will restrain myself. It was just so good. I didn't cry though. Cried during the book but during the movie I was too aware of everyone else crying haha. I introduced all my friends to the books so it was kind of cruel of me to go with them to see it and laugh as they cried. Top friend. The soundtrack is just perfection. I haven't been listening to anything else. I probably should get a life that's a little distant from TFIOS but I waited so long for the movie I just can't deal. Can the dvd hurry up and come out already?


Ebay Wishlist #2

1 / 2 / 3 / 4
5 / 6
This is less of an 'ebay wishlist' and more of a 'I went ahead and purchased all of this after making the collage and I'm not even sorry list'. Yup. My finger slipped and now I'm broke. But really they were all investment pieces. The Triangl knock offs are a saving. A steal if even. I would have paid more for a terrible River Island version. Well ,.,., that is what I will continue to tell myself. I love you Triangl but I don't love you enough to pay 89$ on a swimsuit. Besides, half the peeps on instagram were sent the popularity is questionable. All of these are coming from China so they won't be here till AUGUST. So far away. It will be like 12 days of Christmas when they all start to arrive. 
My postman probably thinks I have an online shopping problem.
Keeping An Post in business sure..