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One Direction at Croke Park & Miley Cyrus

.As I said in my previous post, in the last week I went to see Miley Cyrus and One Direction. They were both so good and I'm still not completely okay after 1D. I'm not massive fans of either of them but there were tickets available after they went on sale so my friend Jenni and I were like 'why not?'. I originally bought tickets for Miley because Icona Pop was the support act. They didn't play here in the end which was disappointing cause she had Sky Ferreira who's been trying to break the industry since the bebo days. Unfortunately for Sky and us the crowd there were some technical difficulties and you couldn't hear her singing. Better to figure it out whilst she's on stage and not Miley.
If you keep up with the Daily Mail you'll be aware that Mileys on stage antics were well a little mad but thankfully she didn't go that cray here in Ireland.
She put on a good show and really had the crowd (the most violent crowd i've ever stood in btw) in the palm of her hand. I love that she really interacted with the crowd unlike other performers who just say one word of thanks and that's it. She's definitely up for a laugh and we were dancing all night long.
*We hit Forever21 before going to Miley.*

Next was One Direction in Croke Park. Croke Park is a big deal for Niall Horan if you didn't already now. The first producer stage of the auditions back in 2010 was held in Croke Park. If you're not familiar with how the xfactor works - there's a string of auditions with producers before you actually go on stage to see the ~real judges. Niall was there back in 2010 and then went on to the televised audition in the convention center. Poor little bby. I was also there auditioning. He got the better deal.
Anywhoooo, the atmosphere in Croke Park was nothing like I've experienced before.
It was so exciting and fun and standing in the crowd (indigoooo woo) waiting for 5SOS to come on felt more like 20mins than 2 hours. It was electrifying.
When 5SOS came on the crowd went mad. I didn't realise they were that relevant but turns out they are. The drummer isn't that bad either ;)
1D eventually came on around half 8 and it was so surreal. It's just that moment of 'oh wait hang on now they're actually real'. They opened up with 'Midnight Memories' and half of Irelands firework supply. They spent nearly 2 whole hours on stage with the exception of the odd band member who ran off to use the loo. Harry even ate a banana on the side of the stage cause why not? They messed about on stage, having a laugh with one another. Poor Liam got a sly punch from one of the other members too. His face was priceless.
Niall was the real winner of the night and you could tell he loved every moment of it.
They finished off with 'Best Song Ever' and I legit died. It's been our song in college all year and hearing it live was something else. I also knocked some poor french guys camera out of his hand and across the floor. My bad... We had a good laugh about it though. I apologized and he was okay about it.

Sadly I now have post concert sadness and wish we could just do it all over again.
Arctic Monkeys in a month and a half though. That'll keep me going.
Were any of you at any of these concerts, what did you think?

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Ziegfeldgirl27 said...

I love this post. Sounds like you had an amazing time, I hate post-concert blues!