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Kindle vs Book

If you've been a long time reader of my blog you'll know that two Christmases ago I got a kindle. I've been using it on and off for two years now and I just thought I'd share my two cents on the ongoing battle of kindle vs book.
When it comes to reading a book book it feels completely different to the ebook. I've always loved the way a book feels in my hands. I love the smell of a new book. The smell of an old book that you routed out of a second hand bookshop. The sound of the pages turning. It reminds me of my days curled up on the couch frantically trying to get to the end of the newest Harry Potter book. Books have a way of transporting you back to a time and place.
In our increasingly hectic world however, lunging books around in your bag isn't practical. 
I love how I can have a nmber of different books on my kindle ready to read at any moment and it barely takes up room in my bag. It just slots in nicely. My favourite thing about the kindle is how simple it makes my reading experience. Back in the day if I finished a good book which was part of a series I'd have to wait till the next day to run to Easons to find they mightn't even have it but now I can just shoot ahead. There are no time restraints. This is probably also a bad thing because then I'm up till all hours reading.
A few months ago I did find that the kindle version of a book was actually costing me more than the book book which really turned me off using my kindle altogether. Why would I pay more for an electronic version which should be cheaper cause it's not like there's any paper involved or shipping or any of that stuff you'd have with the actual book? Thankfully the price of the kindle version has seemed to drop lower than the book book and I can go about my merry way. Ultimate pet peeve with the kindle? When a book comes out (read Babe Walker 'Psychos') they don't have a kindle version out. I wish more publishers would release the two at the same time.
So really I'm half and half. I prefer to have the book version of some books (John Green, Demi Lovato) but there are others that I would happily settle for the ebook version (Divergent, The Hunger Games). I don't think the kindle is about to replace the book anytime soon but if you're a big reader like I am, then you really oughta splash out for a kindle. Think of all the books you'll have at your fingertips whenever you're bored.


- Karen said...

I'm also half and half, I completely agree with all of your comments! I like the look of books on shelves etc but then can see the ease Kindles provide.

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:) x

Em said...

agree i tend to lean more towards kindle but ill never pay more than the cost of a physical book xxx