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Ebay Wishlist

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I've spent the best part of three hours scrolling aimlessly through ebay. That is a lot of lost time to shopping. I originally clicked on with the intention of finding a good aul knock off of an expensive iPhone case and somehow ended up with over 70£ worth of random items in my basket. I'm seriously considering spending my wages on these ridiculous but not ridiculous things. I don't even neeeeed the half of them but they're all so cute and I really wanted to share with you guys what I came across. I always forget about ebay. I feel like it's the online version of a tk maxx store. A whole lot of hidden gems in between one big mess. I hate tk maxx incase you didn't already know. It's my idea of unorganized chaos.
But ahh these are all such practical things and I really do need an alarm clock...


Vicki said...

I can spend hours on eBay just browsing - I love that Mason Drinking Jar. I might have to invest in a couple of those

Makeup Monster said...

Ah you can't beat EBay sometimes! Love your choices!