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The Tangle Teezer

I am so late to the party with this one. I'm sure you've all read multiple posts on how amazing this tiny little hairbrush is. Well here's another one to add to the pile.
I am obsessed with the tangle teezer and I really regret not buying it before.
My friend Ellie (who has recently started her own amazing fitness blog here) was raving about it one day and I decided I needed it.
I have quite long hair. It comes pass my shoulders and is a nightmare to keep tangle free.
It's even worse to comb when it's been just washed. I had previously been using a large paddle brush which did nothing but tear my hair out.
The brush itself fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. I contribute the lack of a handle to how gentle it is to your hair. The lack of a handle means you have more control over how you're brushing your hair. I know that seems like such a silly thing to say but for me I find that when I'm using a regular brush I think about the process less and I'm more likely to just pull the brush through my hair. With the tangle teezer you're more aware of the process and the knots you're pulling through and I find that I'm more gentle when it comes to brushing.
Typically when I brush my hair I work from the ends of my hair back up to the root.
Brushing from the bottom back to the top causes less of a strain on the strand of hair because you're pulling those knots out slowly, rather than adding more hair to the knot if you were to comb straight from the root. I find I have less breakage when I do this.
My favourite thing about the tangle teezer has to be the bristles.
The bristles are one complete point with no plastic bulb on the end like the average hairbrush and I really like this as I feel sometimes your hair can get caught in these little bulbs and damage the strand of hair. With the tangle teezer there is none of this.
Not to forget the amazing range of colors these come in. I picked up a hot pink one in Boots but there was so many to choose from. I was really spoiled for choice.
I just can't get enough of this little tangle teezer and I recommend that if you have long, unruly, thick hair like I do then you should run out and buy this. Like now.


One Direction at Croke Park & Miley Cyrus

.As I said in my previous post, in the last week I went to see Miley Cyrus and One Direction. They were both so good and I'm still not completely okay after 1D. I'm not massive fans of either of them but there were tickets available after they went on sale so my friend Jenni and I were like 'why not?'. I originally bought tickets for Miley because Icona Pop was the support act. They didn't play here in the end which was disappointing cause she had Sky Ferreira who's been trying to break the industry since the bebo days. Unfortunately for Sky and us the crowd there were some technical difficulties and you couldn't hear her singing. Better to figure it out whilst she's on stage and not Miley.
If you keep up with the Daily Mail you'll be aware that Mileys on stage antics were well a little mad but thankfully she didn't go that cray here in Ireland.
She put on a good show and really had the crowd (the most violent crowd i've ever stood in btw) in the palm of her hand. I love that she really interacted with the crowd unlike other performers who just say one word of thanks and that's it. She's definitely up for a laugh and we were dancing all night long.
*We hit Forever21 before going to Miley.*

Next was One Direction in Croke Park. Croke Park is a big deal for Niall Horan if you didn't already now. The first producer stage of the auditions back in 2010 was held in Croke Park. If you're not familiar with how the xfactor works - there's a string of auditions with producers before you actually go on stage to see the ~real judges. Niall was there back in 2010 and then went on to the televised audition in the convention center. Poor little bby. I was also there auditioning. He got the better deal.
Anywhoooo, the atmosphere in Croke Park was nothing like I've experienced before.
It was so exciting and fun and standing in the crowd (indigoooo woo) waiting for 5SOS to come on felt more like 20mins than 2 hours. It was electrifying.
When 5SOS came on the crowd went mad. I didn't realise they were that relevant but turns out they are. The drummer isn't that bad either ;)
1D eventually came on around half 8 and it was so surreal. It's just that moment of 'oh wait hang on now they're actually real'. They opened up with 'Midnight Memories' and half of Irelands firework supply. They spent nearly 2 whole hours on stage with the exception of the odd band member who ran off to use the loo. Harry even ate a banana on the side of the stage cause why not? They messed about on stage, having a laugh with one another. Poor Liam got a sly punch from one of the other members too. His face was priceless.
Niall was the real winner of the night and you could tell he loved every moment of it.
They finished off with 'Best Song Ever' and I legit died. It's been our song in college all year and hearing it live was something else. I also knocked some poor french guys camera out of his hand and across the floor. My bad... We had a good laugh about it though. I apologized and he was okay about it.

Sadly I now have post concert sadness and wish we could just do it all over again.
Arctic Monkeys in a month and a half though. That'll keep me going.
Were any of you at any of these concerts, what did you think?


OOTD - Denim on Denim

 Wow the last week has been kind of crazy. Did my last exam this day last week. It was maths and it's best not to talk about it and to hope for the best. Me and maths are so not friends. Last Tuesday I went to Miley Cyrus with my friend Jenni and yesterday we went to 1D in Croke Park. Blog post coming on the two of those soon :D This little OOTD was from the 1D concert. It's been raining non stop in Ireland the last few days so I decided to be practical. Unlike 70% of the girls I saw there who were wearing shorts!! If you didn't freeze to death I salute you. I also went with heels. I'm 5"6. Not the tallest person and for some reason concerts bring out the Irish giants. ~Petition for all tall people to stand at the back. #haterzgonnahate . I joke, I joke. My jeans are the American Apparel high waisted easy jean. Comfiest jeans ever. My shirt is from Tally Weijl and my crop top and necklace are trusty old Primark.

I ombred my hair a few weeks ago and I think I'm finally starting to like it. I've started using a purple shampoo on it and it's really helped with the brassiness. When I first got it done it was a little on the orange side but I threw another dye on top of it and it looks a lot better now. I live in constant fear of having hair thats meant to be blonde but looks orange/yellow. Ew. If any of you have some hair masks you'd recommend, please comment below.

ps.  My giveaway ended during the weekend and if you entered and didn't win - sorry :( I wish there was a trio for all you guys but sadly....I've emailed the three winners.



Eeep Primark has the cutest clothes in right now. I've been on the look out for the perfect kimono for ages now and I finally found this one for 12€. It's an ivory lace one with some floral detail on it and some fringe on the ends. The fringe is a little annoying cause it gets caught in the most random of places but ahh I love it. Excited for it to get warmer so I can pair it with a crop top and some high waisted shorts. The dream right there.
I paired it with a cute white crochet top and ripped boyfriend jeans. Both from Primark. Can't forget my trusty Topshop chelsea boots. I live in these things. Best bargain I've got in a while. My bag is Michael Kors and my nails are the shade 'huckleberry' from Barry M. It's one of the gelly ones. I don't know how to describe the shade. It's not pastel which is so unlike me. It's like a light 'Duck egg'. So cute. I love it.
I literally got dressed for nothing today. I left the house for like half a second and spent the rest of the day marathoning 'Parks and Rec' on netflix. I have 99 episodes more to go.
I can do this. I think.


Giveaway : Ginger & Co.

If you haven't already gathered from the title I have my FIRST EVER giveaway for you guys today. I've always wanted to do one and what better to give away than my new favourite 'Ginger and Co' which has recently launched in Penneys stores all over Ireland.
I have a review coming on all their products soon so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

The lovely people at Ginger and Co have given me 3 of their 'Mini Trio' gift sets to giveaway to three of my readers. All you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter box down below and do all the little entry thingys. Then just sat back with your fingers crossed that you win.
The giveaway is uk & ire and open for one week only so make sure you enter now.
If you're not in it, you can't win it.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I'm a massive fan of the Cleanse Off Mitt (review here) and use it nearly every day. But sometimes Mr Mitty needs a day off to you know - have a wash so I need something else to clean my face. Recently I've been using the Garnier 'Micellar Cleansing Water' and the 'Express 2 in 1 eye make up remover' after picking them up for half price in Boots. 400ml of micellar water for 3.49€? Brilliant.

I love the L'oreal micellar water and was expecting great things from this garnier micellar water after reading multiple great reviews. Sadly I was left unimpressed.
I find it very hard to get all my make up off with this. I use a cotton pad and squeeze some of the micellar water onto the pad and wipe away. I expected this to melt away all the make up on my face and leave it feeling super clean and fresh without having to follow up with a cleanser. I need about 5 or 6 cotton pads and even then my face doesn't feel clean enough.  The L'oreal micellar water gets all my make up off with three cotton pads. I don't even wear that much make up. As much as I wanted to love this (the packaging is so cute), I don't and I think if you're looking for a good micellar water then you should really try the L'oreal one.

The eye make up remover on the other hand is fantastic. I'm terrible for tugging at my lashes in an attempt to get my mascara off and anything that can get a benefit mascara off without any tugging deserves all the awards in my book. I give it a shake and use the tiniest bit on a cotton pad and gently place against my eyelid. I let it sit on top of the lid for a couple of seconds and then gently wipe away. As this is a 2 in 1 make up remover - part water and part oil - I was expecting it to feel heavy and greasy on my skin but it wasn't at all. If anything it felt very light and left my eyes feeling refreshed and clean.

So to summarize, the Garnier micellar water doesn't live up to they hype and if its the 'perfect' dupe for Bioderma then I'm a little underwhelmed. The 2 in 1 eye make up remover is my new favourite thing and even though a little of this product goes a long way I cannot wait to repurchase.
Have you tried any of these products? Comment what you thought below.



Kindle vs Book

If you've been a long time reader of my blog you'll know that two Christmases ago I got a kindle. I've been using it on and off for two years now and I just thought I'd share my two cents on the ongoing battle of kindle vs book.
When it comes to reading a book book it feels completely different to the ebook. I've always loved the way a book feels in my hands. I love the smell of a new book. The smell of an old book that you routed out of a second hand bookshop. The sound of the pages turning. It reminds me of my days curled up on the couch frantically trying to get to the end of the newest Harry Potter book. Books have a way of transporting you back to a time and place.
In our increasingly hectic world however, lunging books around in your bag isn't practical. 
I love how I can have a nmber of different books on my kindle ready to read at any moment and it barely takes up room in my bag. It just slots in nicely. My favourite thing about the kindle is how simple it makes my reading experience. Back in the day if I finished a good book which was part of a series I'd have to wait till the next day to run to Easons to find they mightn't even have it but now I can just shoot ahead. There are no time restraints. This is probably also a bad thing because then I'm up till all hours reading.
A few months ago I did find that the kindle version of a book was actually costing me more than the book book which really turned me off using my kindle altogether. Why would I pay more for an electronic version which should be cheaper cause it's not like there's any paper involved or shipping or any of that stuff you'd have with the actual book? Thankfully the price of the kindle version has seemed to drop lower than the book book and I can go about my merry way. Ultimate pet peeve with the kindle? When a book comes out (read Babe Walker 'Psychos') they don't have a kindle version out. I wish more publishers would release the two at the same time.
So really I'm half and half. I prefer to have the book version of some books (John Green, Demi Lovato) but there are others that I would happily settle for the ebook version (Divergent, The Hunger Games). I don't think the kindle is about to replace the book anytime soon but if you're a big reader like I am, then you really oughta splash out for a kindle. Think of all the books you'll have at your fingertips whenever you're bored.