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The Instagram Round Up

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(1. L-R : Some new Cocoa Brown goodies to try out, Daisy got a hurrcut, college night out with the girls. 2. L-R : reading 'Divergent', devouring some froyo, new zara sunnies. 3. Essie Spring colours, new curtains, new shoes. 4. Dress I wore to the party, reading, new water bottle for the gym.)
Woah woah guys, let me brush the cobwebs off the aul blog. It's been some time. A month nearly? I didn't mean to go that long without a blog post but unfortunately when it comes to getting college stuff done my blog has to take a back seat. Thankfully we're done for Summer now - three exams to do yet shhh - and I finally have the time to get back to it.
What better way to catch up than a quick instagram summary.

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Makeup Monster said...

Glad to see you back!