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Spring OOTD

(Skirt - Thrift Shop. Top - Tally Weijl. Flower Crown - Primark.)
The sun is out and naturally the whole country is acting like it's 25 degrees and whipping out the short shorts and the tank tops. Then there's me. Maxi skirt and crochet top. If I wasn't permanently cold then maybe I could participate but alas I must wait for some actual heat before the shorts come out. I'm shivering at the thought of wearing shorts right now. Thankfully I'm not alone and my followers on twitter agree.
I feel like I'm a little late to the party with the whole flower crown but Coachella was only last weekend and they still seem pretty relevant. I picked up the crochet top in Tally Weijl yesterday, bit pricey at 30€ but it's an investment and will get me through the Summer. I'm expecting a heatwave and if I don't get it well at least my holiday is booked.
 The skirt is an old find last year from a charity shop. I jumped on it when I realised how similar it looked to the 'Marc by Marc Jacobs' one Shenae Grimes wore as 'Annie Wilson' on '90210'. It cost me 2€. Such a steal. Towards the end of '90210' Annies style was so on point. I miss it so much. Now that it has ended and 'Gossip Girl' has ended there's literally no good shows with good styling. 'Pretty Little Liars' has gone down hill and 'The Carrie Diaries' is a little dated. Just going to have to stick with re-runs.
As if I need more shows to watch anyway.


Gemma Etc. said...

Wow what an amazing bargain... it looks SO similar! :D xx

Gemma //

Julia Henderson said...

I love Shenae Grimes' stlye soo much! I miss 90210. Lovely outfit, that crochet top is so pretty :)

Julia x

Unknown said...

super lovely outfit for spring! you look amazing in the floral headpiece and polka dot maxi skirt!

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AL xx
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