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Seventeen 'Brows That!' Brow Kit

If you follow me on twitter you will be well aware of how much I love some good shapely eyebrows. After years of having my own share of horrendous brows, I always cringe when I see girls rocking not so cute eyebrows. I'm a massive fan of a good strong brow (think Lily Collins) but I also think there's a fine line between filling your brows in and just drawing them on completely ~sharpie brow. Something I really wish a lot more girls would realise. Comment below if you're with me on this.
Eyebrows really make the shape of your face and I think it's really important to get them just right which is why I was so happy when I saw this brow kit in Boots.
The Seventeen 'Brows That!' brow kit is literally all you need in your make up collection to achieve the perfect brow shape. Although I really do think they could have included a mini tweezers and a brow brush to complete it. The kit includes a tiny little eyerbow liner and a mini brush. They fit perfectly in your hand and make it so much easier to control how much you're penciling/shading in. There's a wax, a powder and a highlight too. I've never really saw much need for using a highlight on my brow bone but I have to say I really like this one and the subtle glow it gives.
As you can see in the before pic that's my eyebrow before any filling in. I did go in with a tweezer and a spooly to tidy up beneath the arch though as I didn't realise how cray it looked. I desperately need to get myself back to 'The Body Shop' for another threading ASAP.
Like I said above, I like a strong brow with a natural look to it so I only fill in ever so slightly. I love how the powder matches the color of my brows perfectly without looking too harsh and the pencil really helps define the shape of my brow. The wax is probably my favourite bit of the entire kit because it really holds the hairs in place. As my eyebrows are a little under loved right now there's a few hairs that were refusing to stay in place but my my this wax puts them in their place.
Overall I'm really impressed with this kit and I think if you're just looking for something straight to the point for very little $ then this is for you.
Have you tried this? Comment below with your thoughts.

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Makeup Monster said...

What a fab kit for the price!