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A Haul

Oh Boots and it's ever so tempting 3 for 2 offers. I actually don't think the brushes fell into the 3 for 2 cause I was charged for everything and I really wish the woman behind the counter had said something cause I hadn't noticed till I got home but oh well. I was in Dundalk yesterday with the fam and had a nose in the Marshes shopping centre. I didn't get to have a proper look but I did have time for Penneys and Boots. There's always time for those two.
My Boots doesn't have much of a selection when it comes to make up so I jumped when I saw the 'Soap and Glory' stand. My mission for this summer is to perfect the perfect winged cat eyeliner and I've read great things about the 'Supercat' one so I'm excited to get practicing.
I've previously blogged about the 'Simple' eye balm here and I think this is pretty much the same thing except it's a roll on. I used it earlier and I really like it - review soon.
If you read my previous 'OOTD' post you'll see I had a little floral crown on in it. Turns out, I really love floral crowns and not to sound completely basic but I think they'll be so cute for the summer now that I've done the overdone thing and ombr├ęd my hair. I managed to find this cute floral crown for 3€ in the jewelry section and I really regret not picking up another one as they had quite a few styles. There's always next time right?

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Makeup Monster said...

Love the floral crown!