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Seventeen 'Brows That!' Brow Kit

If you follow me on twitter you will be well aware of how much I love some good shapely eyebrows. After years of having my own share of horrendous brows, I always cringe when I see girls rocking not so cute eyebrows. I'm a massive fan of a good strong brow (think Lily Collins) but I also think there's a fine line between filling your brows in and just drawing them on completely ~sharpie brow. Something I really wish a lot more girls would realise. Comment below if you're with me on this.
Eyebrows really make the shape of your face and I think it's really important to get them just right which is why I was so happy when I saw this brow kit in Boots.
The Seventeen 'Brows That!' brow kit is literally all you need in your make up collection to achieve the perfect brow shape. Although I really do think they could have included a mini tweezers and a brow brush to complete it. The kit includes a tiny little eyerbow liner and a mini brush. They fit perfectly in your hand and make it so much easier to control how much you're penciling/shading in. There's a wax, a powder and a highlight too. I've never really saw much need for using a highlight on my brow bone but I have to say I really like this one and the subtle glow it gives.
As you can see in the before pic that's my eyebrow before any filling in. I did go in with a tweezer and a spooly to tidy up beneath the arch though as I didn't realise how cray it looked. I desperately need to get myself back to 'The Body Shop' for another threading ASAP.
Like I said above, I like a strong brow with a natural look to it so I only fill in ever so slightly. I love how the powder matches the color of my brows perfectly without looking too harsh and the pencil really helps define the shape of my brow. The wax is probably my favourite bit of the entire kit because it really holds the hairs in place. As my eyebrows are a little under loved right now there's a few hairs that were refusing to stay in place but my my this wax puts them in their place.
Overall I'm really impressed with this kit and I think if you're just looking for something straight to the point for very little $ then this is for you.
Have you tried this? Comment below with your thoughts.


A Haul

Oh Boots and it's ever so tempting 3 for 2 offers. I actually don't think the brushes fell into the 3 for 2 cause I was charged for everything and I really wish the woman behind the counter had said something cause I hadn't noticed till I got home but oh well. I was in Dundalk yesterday with the fam and had a nose in the Marshes shopping centre. I didn't get to have a proper look but I did have time for Penneys and Boots. There's always time for those two.
My Boots doesn't have much of a selection when it comes to make up so I jumped when I saw the 'Soap and Glory' stand. My mission for this summer is to perfect the perfect winged cat eyeliner and I've read great things about the 'Supercat' one so I'm excited to get practicing.
I've previously blogged about the 'Simple' eye balm here and I think this is pretty much the same thing except it's a roll on. I used it earlier and I really like it - review soon.
If you read my previous 'OOTD' post you'll see I had a little floral crown on in it. Turns out, I really love floral crowns and not to sound completely basic but I think they'll be so cute for the summer now that I've done the overdone thing and ombr├ęd my hair. I managed to find this cute floral crown for 3€ in the jewelry section and I really regret not picking up another one as they had quite a few styles. There's always next time right?


Spring OOTD

(Skirt - Thrift Shop. Top - Tally Weijl. Flower Crown - Primark.)
The sun is out and naturally the whole country is acting like it's 25 degrees and whipping out the short shorts and the tank tops. Then there's me. Maxi skirt and crochet top. If I wasn't permanently cold then maybe I could participate but alas I must wait for some actual heat before the shorts come out. I'm shivering at the thought of wearing shorts right now. Thankfully I'm not alone and my followers on twitter agree.
I feel like I'm a little late to the party with the whole flower crown but Coachella was only last weekend and they still seem pretty relevant. I picked up the crochet top in Tally Weijl yesterday, bit pricey at 30€ but it's an investment and will get me through the Summer. I'm expecting a heatwave and if I don't get it well at least my holiday is booked.
 The skirt is an old find last year from a charity shop. I jumped on it when I realised how similar it looked to the 'Marc by Marc Jacobs' one Shenae Grimes wore as 'Annie Wilson' on '90210'. It cost me 2€. Such a steal. Towards the end of '90210' Annies style was so on point. I miss it so much. Now that it has ended and 'Gossip Girl' has ended there's literally no good shows with good styling. 'Pretty Little Liars' has gone down hill and 'The Carrie Diaries' is a little dated. Just going to have to stick with re-runs.
As if I need more shows to watch anyway.


The Instagram Round Up

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(1. L-R : Some new Cocoa Brown goodies to try out, Daisy got a hurrcut, college night out with the girls. 2. L-R : reading 'Divergent', devouring some froyo, new zara sunnies. 3. Essie Spring colours, new curtains, new shoes. 4. Dress I wore to the party, reading, new water bottle for the gym.)
Woah woah guys, let me brush the cobwebs off the aul blog. It's been some time. A month nearly? I didn't mean to go that long without a blog post but unfortunately when it comes to getting college stuff done my blog has to take a back seat. Thankfully we're done for Summer now - three exams to do yet shhh - and I finally have the time to get back to it.
What better way to catch up than a quick instagram summary.