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The Minor Details.

Confession - I spend more time on my instagram photos than I do anything else.
But you already knew that didn't you.
This week has been a mix of college assignments, dancing in the college canteen, doing a conga line through the open access in college and hitting the gym. It's been a little crazy.
I just about found the time to sit down and watch this weeks 'Pretty Little Liars'. Is anyone else as confused as I am? Cause I was so sure *SPOILER* Ezra was 'A'. I mean all signs pointed to him and I'm a little annoyed that Marlene said that when we saw who 'A' was that that was who 'A' was. Ah these damn writers trying to keep us on our toes :( Its given myself and Megan from 'BlondesLoveCupcakes' a lot to talk discuss every Wednesday anyway.
Also, this time next week I'm going to my first ever wedding. How mad is that?
It's my Uncles wedding and I'm so excited. I got a cute little dress which I'm dying to wear already. I may through up some pics on here the day after. Unfortunately Argos still have my camera so it's just a few snaps on Ron till then. My iPhone is called Ron okay!
10 points if you can guess what my iPod is called.
ps. follow me on instagram, so close to 200.


Faye_Oliviaa said...

I couldn't read most of your post because of the PPL spoilers but I really love your photos, instagram is one of my favourite sites xxxx

Fernanda said...

Have fun at the wedding, definitely show us your outfit! xx

Anonymous said...

is your ipod called Harry? lol :D