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Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub.

Mmmmm I literally cannot get enough of 'Soap and Glory' and their perfect products. I'm a typical girly girl and I'm drawn to anything cute and pink. Something which S&G does pretty well. Their packaging always stands out for me cause not only is it cute and pink but I love how they add that extra bit of fun with the font and text on the products. The 'warnings' are always a laugh - 'We are legally obliged to remind you that this is not a food'. If they have to warn you, you know it's cause somebody must have tried to eat it haha.
I was drawn to the 'Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub' because of how freaking amazing it smells. I'm a little bold and I'm forever slightly opening the products in Boots to get a little whiff. I'm sure I'm not the only one (my friends do it too, shhh). But ahh this smells so good and I kind of like how they stepped away from the famous S&G scent and did something different with this scrub. I did expect it to smell like the 'Smoothie Star Body Milk' but it actually smells like melted sugar soaked in maple syrup with a hint of shea. I suck at describing scents so forgive me on this one ie. if you go to Boots and it's nothing like how I described. 
I LOVE when products have shea in them as it's so moisturizing. If you have dry, itchy skin like I do you'll appreciate how moisturizing this scrub is and I can only assume it's due to the inclusion of shea. I had previously been using the 'Sugar Crush' body scrub which doesn't have shea in it and I found it to be incredibly drying and harsh on my skin. Not nice.
I find this scrub is quite abrasive and it cuts through the *ew* dead skin on my body and leaves it feeling all nice and smooth. It doesn't require too much rubbing in like other scrubs i've used which is fab because I get a teeny bit lazy with that. A little bit of this scrub really goes a long way and its worth mentioning that - yes, that fabulous scent I mentioned above actually lingers on your skin!! 
Now if only S&G would release a whole line in the same scent.

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Makeup Monster said...

This is the next S&G product on my list!