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OOTD - Wedding Guest

As promised here's a picture of what I wore to my uncles wedding on Friday.
I bought this dress in a store called 'Born' for 30€. It's not something I'd usually go for but when I tried it on I loved it. I paired it with my totally over worn Topshop heels, let the dress do the talking with no accessories and although you can barely make them out, my nails were 'Fiji' by Essie. I'm already dying to wear this dress again.
EDIT : I have since found this dress on '' here.



Review : Bourjois Color Edition Eyeshadow

I picked up this 'Bourjois Color Edition' eye shadow back in October. I'd seen it reviewed on quite a few blogs and thought it would be the perfect a/w shadow. I'd never tried a cream eyeshadow before so I was intrigued. I know the 'Maybelline' tattoo ones are incredibly popular and my friend raves about them all the time so I figured I may as well give this a go.
I'm a sucker for those deep berry shades. Lipsticks. Need I say more. But i've never gone for an eyeshadow. If you don't work it right you could end up looking like you have an eye infection or something. Not cute. This one is in the shade 'Prune Noctrune' and is no where near as intense on the eye as I thought it would be. I found it to be quite buildable and I really liked how I could apply just the slightest bit and create the most subtle smokey eye for a day time look. Likewise, the heavier I pressed the brush the more color pay off I got.
The product claims to go from 'cream to powder' and I found it stuck to it's word. It applied like a cream but nearly as soon as it hit my eye lid it resembled more of a powder. I liked this and I think it contributed heavily to the lasting power of this shadow. It only began to crease about 6/7hours of application which wasn't too bad without any primer underneath.
I will say that although this eyeshadow is slightly shimmered, the shimmer didn't transfer to the lid which was a let down if I'm honest.
Overall, I really liked this eyeshadow and I'm already looking at buying another one.
I have since bought one of the 'Maybelline' tattoo ones and I'm eager to see how it measures up. In the above picture is a smokey eye I created using 'prune noctrune'. Apologies for the low quality.


The Minor Details.

Confession - I spend more time on my instagram photos than I do anything else.
But you already knew that didn't you.
This week has been a mix of college assignments, dancing in the college canteen, doing a conga line through the open access in college and hitting the gym. It's been a little crazy.
I just about found the time to sit down and watch this weeks 'Pretty Little Liars'. Is anyone else as confused as I am? Cause I was so sure *SPOILER* Ezra was 'A'. I mean all signs pointed to him and I'm a little annoyed that Marlene said that when we saw who 'A' was that that was who 'A' was. Ah these damn writers trying to keep us on our toes :( Its given myself and Megan from 'BlondesLoveCupcakes' a lot to talk discuss every Wednesday anyway.
Also, this time next week I'm going to my first ever wedding. How mad is that?
It's my Uncles wedding and I'm so excited. I got a cute little dress which I'm dying to wear already. I may through up some pics on here the day after. Unfortunately Argos still have my camera so it's just a few snaps on Ron till then. My iPhone is called Ron okay!
10 points if you can guess what my iPod is called.
ps. follow me on instagram, so close to 200.


Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub.

Mmmmm I literally cannot get enough of 'Soap and Glory' and their perfect products. I'm a typical girly girl and I'm drawn to anything cute and pink. Something which S&G does pretty well. Their packaging always stands out for me cause not only is it cute and pink but I love how they add that extra bit of fun with the font and text on the products. The 'warnings' are always a laugh - 'We are legally obliged to remind you that this is not a food'. If they have to warn you, you know it's cause somebody must have tried to eat it haha.
I was drawn to the 'Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub' because of how freaking amazing it smells. I'm a little bold and I'm forever slightly opening the products in Boots to get a little whiff. I'm sure I'm not the only one (my friends do it too, shhh). But ahh this smells so good and I kind of like how they stepped away from the famous S&G scent and did something different with this scrub. I did expect it to smell like the 'Smoothie Star Body Milk' but it actually smells like melted sugar soaked in maple syrup with a hint of shea. I suck at describing scents so forgive me on this one ie. if you go to Boots and it's nothing like how I described. 
I LOVE when products have shea in them as it's so moisturizing. If you have dry, itchy skin like I do you'll appreciate how moisturizing this scrub is and I can only assume it's due to the inclusion of shea. I had previously been using the 'Sugar Crush' body scrub which doesn't have shea in it and I found it to be incredibly drying and harsh on my skin. Not nice.
I find this scrub is quite abrasive and it cuts through the *ew* dead skin on my body and leaves it feeling all nice and smooth. It doesn't require too much rubbing in like other scrubs i've used which is fab because I get a teeny bit lazy with that. A little bit of this scrub really goes a long way and its worth mentioning that - yes, that fabulous scent I mentioned above actually lingers on your skin!! 
Now if only S&G would release a whole line in the same scent.