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WA Café Sushiin Galway.

How hungry does this picture make you? Oh nom nom nom. Ever since I had some of this delicious Sushi at 'WA Cafe' in Galway last month it's all I've been able to think about. My mother always warned me about trying out new foods that I can't get close to home. "You'll develop a taste for it and you won't be able to have it!" never has a truer statement been spoken. But look at it, it's so good. It was my first time having sushi. The names on the menu terrified me let alone the food. I didn't know what to go for so I went for the plate on the left which has four different fillings and some chicken teriyaki on the right. It was in around 15€ or there abouts for the two plates. My cousin and I split them between this and watched as the two of us failed to use some Chop Sticks. Everytime I think about it I laugh. Especially as she discovered a hatred for soy sauce and expressed her concerns over how it looked and tasted like melted down liquorice.
My friend Trina went for the above. Definitely think I'm going to order that if (pfft when) I go back. I've seen some do it yourself sushi kits in tesco and at a local fruit and veg shop but I'm scared I 1) won't be able to make it and 2) it won't taste anywhere near as good. I've already asked my friend to bring some home with her when she comes back from college one of the weekends. Here's hoping she does cause my cravings are out of control. (This is a friendly reminder to you as you read my blog mwhahaha......jokes. but no really.)


Rachael said...

I know I should never click on blog posts with sushi featured - always makes me crave it even more. We're lucky in having three great sushi restaurants on our doorstep - and yeah once you try proper sushi by proper Japanese chefs - places like Yo Sushi just don't compare. Sushi is my weakness!

Makeup Monster said...

For some reason I always avoid sushi, I really must try their veggie options and see what it's like!

Trina Keenaghan said...

Ah I forgot. You'll have to remind me next time I am going home :) looks so good I want to go back too! :)

pigeon said...

ohh yumm, sushi! i've gotta make some again one day <33

my weirdoland -

Anonymous said...

Trying sushi is on the top of my to do list this year! I'm like you that it's not near to home but ah well, it looks too good to pass up :)

Aisling (bl0ssombeauty)