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Baby Lips.

The fact that I was obsessed with 'Baby Lips' before I even got my mitts on them meant I had high expectations for another one of many overly hyped products. You American's had me lusting over them way longer than I had any product before. I even had a friend all set to bring me back one or two when she was in America when FINALLY one day during the summer these bad boys finally launched this side of the Atlantic. It took me a while to get them, my Boots isn't exactly the quickest at getting new stock but I got them eventually and on 3 for 2. Extra bargaineous. I then picked up another two (not pictured) in Tesco for 3€.
My first impressions were something along the lines of 'wow these are so cute' and 'omg look at this packaging'. I'm a sucker for some funky packaging and 'Maybelline' always have such out there packaging for their products. I've had some time to mess around with these and compare them to my Nivea lip balm and here are my thoughts.
The Baby Lips are no where near as moiturising as my Nivea lip balm that's for sure. Where my Nivea lip balm triumphs, that's where the baby lips fail. The 'Nivea' one to me is intensely hydrating and perfect for the winter months. Really nourishes my lips. Improving the overall appearance of them. After a few seconds I forget it's there as it's already been absorbed by my lips. Baby Lips on the other hand does very little to nourish and hydrate my lips and the product just sits there on my pout like an overpriced Vaseline. Definitely not what I was expecting. Especially as they claim to 'nourish and protect for 8 hours'. Maybe they meant it would sit on my lips for 8hours without doing anything cause that's sure what it feels like. As a tinted lip balm it doesn't fail. If you're a fan of the 'Revlon' lip butters but want something a little less full on then I'd absolutely recommend you try these for that reason and that reason only. 'Cherry Me' is a gorgeous subtle berry shade which is the perfect companion to a more everyday make up look. If you're not allowed wear make up to school but try to get a way with a light lip shade anyway - this is for you. Just enough tint so you know it's there but subtle enough for you to pass it off as your natural lip shade to suspecting teachers ;) They smell deliciously too. 'Hydrate' has this intense fruity grape scent that I just can't get enough of. I'm not even sure if that's exactly it but regardless i'm obsessed. So to conclude - as a lip balm to replenish your lips in these harsh winter months, they for lack of another word 'suck' but as a tinted lip balm for a soft everyday look, they succeed. If you're interested in trying them out Tesco are currently selling them off for 3€.


Sarah BeautyWithBrushes said...

I never understood the hype around these! I never ended up buying one myself but your post pretty much sums up what I thought I would think of them!



Unknown said...

I've still not gotten these as something is putting me off? haha
But I agree with the look of these. Very funky! xx