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WA Café Sushiin Galway.

How hungry does this picture make you? Oh nom nom nom. Ever since I had some of this delicious Sushi at 'WA Cafe' in Galway last month it's all I've been able to think about. My mother always warned me about trying out new foods that I can't get close to home. "You'll develop a taste for it and you won't be able to have it!" never has a truer statement been spoken. But look at it, it's so good. It was my first time having sushi. The names on the menu terrified me let alone the food. I didn't know what to go for so I went for the plate on the left which has four different fillings and some chicken teriyaki on the right. It was in around 15€ or there abouts for the two plates. My cousin and I split them between this and watched as the two of us failed to use some Chop Sticks. Everytime I think about it I laugh. Especially as she discovered a hatred for soy sauce and expressed her concerns over how it looked and tasted like melted down liquorice.
My friend Trina went for the above. Definitely think I'm going to order that if (pfft when) I go back. I've seen some do it yourself sushi kits in tesco and at a local fruit and veg shop but I'm scared I 1) won't be able to make it and 2) it won't taste anywhere near as good. I've already asked my friend to bring some home with her when she comes back from college one of the weekends. Here's hoping she does cause my cravings are out of control. (This is a friendly reminder to you as you read my blog mwhahaha......jokes. but no really.)


Primark Booties.

(Leggings - Tally Weijl, Boots - Primark/Penneys)
Let me introduce you all to my new favourite boots from none other than Primark/Penneys. I wear them everywhere, college, maroon 5, general day to dayness, bed. They're super comfy. I especially like how thick the sole is on them. Very sturdy and not usually they type of sole you'd see on a shoe from Primark/Penneys. You'll definitely get great wear out of them and there's not much chance of them falling apart when they come in contact with a bit of rain. If you're a fan of all things black like I am but want to jump out of that whole obsession, these do they job. They're still in the black ~family but they're not they're charcoal. Completely different. Right? I picked them up a few weeks ago for a steal at 18€. Well I think it was 18€ could have been 16€. Either way they were less than 20€ and considering how pricey Primark/Penneys is getting these days (calm down guys plz) they were a great find. They look cute with anything from skinny jeans to skater skirts.Only downside? Little hard to get on. No matter how much I loosen those laces it takes a lifetime to get my foot in. About 10mins really. Oh well, you gotta do whatcha gotta do.


Cleanse Off Mitt.

(Cleanse Off Mitt*)
The 'Cleanse Off Mitt' is currently taking the #irishbbloggers by storm. Pretty impressive considering they've barely just launched and it's one of the most talked about beauty items on my timeline. We all love a good Irish product. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty wary at first. The idea that this simple mitt could remove all my make up seemed a little far fetched. 'Just add water'? Hmm doubtful. The mission statement behind the 'Cleanse Off Mitt' is to stop people using baby wipes to take off their make up. For me this is a big no no no so I'm loving their whole 'Say bye bye to face wipes' slogan. I NEVER use make up wipes unless I'm really stuck so I'm always horrified when I hear of people who use them on a regular basis. They're not good for your skins girls. No matter how much they claim to be.
 Surprisingly this isn't the first time I've heard of a mitt like this. I was already familiar with a similar style mitt from 'Nima' which promises to do the same thing yet is almost triple the price at 12.95€. The 'Cleanse Off Mitt' is currently 5€ from Beauty Emporium and is available here. Cheap as chips. I'm sure you're all wondering why the price is so low in comparison to the Nima mitt. Well you see 'Cleanse Off Mitt' are determined to keep their prices low so they don't alienate any potential customers. They don't want anyone to miss out which is brilliant. My current make up remover is about 5€ anyway and add the cotton wool to that and it's 6€ every few weeks. So far the mitt is lasting really well and I'm sure I won't have to purchase another for a good while yet. They're meant to last three months.
 I've been using the mitt for over a month now. When it comes to skin products I like to be very thorough and that's why this review has taken so long to appear on the blog. I've really put this mitt to the test. I first used it when I was wearing minimal make up. I wasn't expecting much but then I looked at the mitt after rubbing it over my face a few times and it was covered in make up. I was pretty impressed. I was even more impressed when I used it after a night out and again it managed to clean my whole face with a bit of water. I especially like using the mitt for removing eye makeup. I hate having to the tug at my eyes and with this mitt I can easily get it right up into my eye to remove stubborn eyeliner and mascara. To make sure it had fully removed my makeup I went back with my cleanser and cotton wool and there was nothing left to come off my face. It was squeaky clean. I didn't think it took any longer to remove than the cleanser and my face felt so much better afterwards. So soft.
The magical removal is all down to the tiny microfibres that make up the mitt. As you can see from the above picture they're miniscule. The fibres get right in under your make up to lift it off your skin and leave your skin as fresh as a daisy. Now the boring stuff - washing the mitt. I had been using some regular soap in between heavy machine washes just to keep bacteria at bay but a friend recently suggested using some of the Johnson's baby shower gel and I find that works a treat. After a couple of rinses it's like new again. Washing the mitt doesn't affect the fibres in the slightest and I've found there's no break down in the overall condition of the mitt. If you have normal or sensitive skin this will work wonders. I have raved about this to all my friends who are really eager to get their mitts on it and I'm sure you guys will be too. I bring it every time I go to stay somewhere. Travel friendly. If you have any questions (like I did) make sure you check them out on twitter @CleanseOffMitt where they're more than happy to make a believer out of everyone.


Maroon 5 - O2 Dublin.

 So I went to Maroon 5 last Thursday. I know, I know I can hear you all now : "Wait! What Jess? We had absolutely no idea. It's not like you mentioned it a few dozen times." But I have some really good pictures and a video or four and I was literally inches from Adam Levine and he kinda sorta stared directly down my iPhone (and into my soul).
They sang every song I could have ever hoped for. Although I do wish they had left out the unnecessary cover of 'Get Lucky' and carried on with one of their own songs like 'Tickets' or 'Losing My Mind' but that's just me wanting to have heard them sing every song they've ever recorded. Impossible. My favourite performance was definitely the acoustic version of 'She Will Be Loved'. It's my favourite Maroon 5 song and the one I was looking forward to hearing live the most. Once they finished 'She Will Be Loved' I pushed my way to the back of the crowd and allowed myself to breathe again. One thing about concerts - the closer you are to the stage, the bitchier people get. If you're one of those bitchy 'not letting anyone pass me' kind of people will you please take a moment to reconsider your life? My brother went for a bottle of water and got stuck three rows behind cause some older guy with an attitude wouldn't let him pass. I thought I would die of dehydration. I didn't but you know..

Robin Thicke was pretty standard. I kinda sorta hate myself for slightly enjoying his set. He puts on a good show and the Italians next to me went bonkers for him. He still creeps me out. If you ever get a chance to see Maroon 5 live. Don't pass it up. One of the best concerts I've been to and trust me I've been to a LOT of concerts. It was refreshing to just stand there and really enjoy the music without been distracted by unnecessary stage production. Also, Adam Levine in the flesh beats everything and the way he flaunted himself around that stage? He's definitely aware of how much the ladies love him. His facial expressions were comical.

I have post concert sadness now. Been waiting for it since 2012 and it was over too fast. Oh well, my 12 year old self is very happy right now. Make sure you check more of the videos.


OOTN & Did Someone Say Cold?

(Everything except the Shoes which are from Topshop is Primark/Penneys)
How much do we dig these totally awkward mirror selfies? I'm amazed by my ability to pull the same pose in every single picture. Don't believe me? Take a quick glance at my instagram (JesskaDenise) and you will quickly see what I mean. In an attempt to make the most of this semester and have more 'fun' my friends and I headed out during the week at college. Naturally I was one of the few who opted to wear clothes. Yet somehow three days later, here I am dying with the worst cold I've had in the longest time. I woke up with no voice Thursday morning which was nothing short of depressing considering I was seeing Maroon 5 that night (post soon). It eventually came back to me, sort of. If there was ever a poster child for a strepsils overdose look no further.
So here I am curled up in bed with a hot water bottle, tea, netflix and the worlds biggest pile of kleenex to my side.
Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.


Coven and OOTD?!

(Top - Tally Weijl, High Waited Trousers - American Apparel,
Necklace - Primark, iPhone Cover - Ebay, Bag & Watch - Michael Kors.)
I've spent the last week watching multiple episodes of 'American Horror Story' and I can finally say that I'm just about to start 'Coven'. I hope we're all in agreement that 'Asylum' was such a let down after 'Murder House' and for only I wanted to be able to tick off the episodes on 'Episode Calender' I would have happily skipped on by. Not even Evan Peters could keep my attention. I"Surprise bitch" is a pretty iconic moment from the season and really sparked my interest in all things 'American Horror Story'. I'm excited to see Emma Roberts portrayal of 'Madison Montgomery' and not to mention the styling on 'Coven' looks pretty badass too.. I'm a wimp at heart and was wary about jumping on board but here we are a week later and I'm absolutely hooked.
To mourn my last free day before heading back to college on Monday I popped into town for a sneaky look in Penneys/Primark and to help pick out some bits and bobs for our kitchen. I've actually been in town everyday this week nearly but shhh don't tell anyone.
I'm FINALLY seeing Maroon 5 on Thursday the 16th. I bought the tickets back in 2012 and I felt like it was never going to come around. I've wanted to see them live for so long, I'm pretty sure I may drop in the middle of the O2 before they come out on stage. However, I do have to endure Robin Thicke beforehand. I dislike no other musician as much as I do him. I'm sure I'm not the only one either? I'm counting down the minutes. Might try up a blog post too. After all - Adam is 2013 sexiest man ;) seeing him in the flesh. wow.


Baby Lips.

The fact that I was obsessed with 'Baby Lips' before I even got my mitts on them meant I had high expectations for another one of many overly hyped products. You American's had me lusting over them way longer than I had any product before. I even had a friend all set to bring me back one or two when she was in America when FINALLY one day during the summer these bad boys finally launched this side of the Atlantic. It took me a while to get them, my Boots isn't exactly the quickest at getting new stock but I got them eventually and on 3 for 2. Extra bargaineous. I then picked up another two (not pictured) in Tesco for 3€.
My first impressions were something along the lines of 'wow these are so cute' and 'omg look at this packaging'. I'm a sucker for some funky packaging and 'Maybelline' always have such out there packaging for their products. I've had some time to mess around with these and compare them to my Nivea lip balm and here are my thoughts.
The Baby Lips are no where near as moiturising as my Nivea lip balm that's for sure. Where my Nivea lip balm triumphs, that's where the baby lips fail. The 'Nivea' one to me is intensely hydrating and perfect for the winter months. Really nourishes my lips. Improving the overall appearance of them. After a few seconds I forget it's there as it's already been absorbed by my lips. Baby Lips on the other hand does very little to nourish and hydrate my lips and the product just sits there on my pout like an overpriced Vaseline. Definitely not what I was expecting. Especially as they claim to 'nourish and protect for 8 hours'. Maybe they meant it would sit on my lips for 8hours without doing anything cause that's sure what it feels like. As a tinted lip balm it doesn't fail. If you're a fan of the 'Revlon' lip butters but want something a little less full on then I'd absolutely recommend you try these for that reason and that reason only. 'Cherry Me' is a gorgeous subtle berry shade which is the perfect companion to a more everyday make up look. If you're not allowed wear make up to school but try to get a way with a light lip shade anyway - this is for you. Just enough tint so you know it's there but subtle enough for you to pass it off as your natural lip shade to suspecting teachers ;) They smell deliciously too. 'Hydrate' has this intense fruity grape scent that I just can't get enough of. I'm not even sure if that's exactly it but regardless i'm obsessed. So to conclude - as a lip balm to replenish your lips in these harsh winter months, they for lack of another word 'suck' but as a tinted lip balm for a soft everyday look, they succeed. If you're interested in trying them out Tesco are currently selling them off for 3€.


The Instagram Round Up.

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Woah guys. It's been some time. First off, I hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas and secondly, happy new year!! I'm a little sad that it's no longer 2013. '13' is my lucky number as well as my favourite so it's no surprise that 2013 was nothing but a good year for me. So lets raise our laptops to an even better 2014 shall we? I figured I'd share some instagram snaps with you guys to ease myself back into all things blog. It's been a while since I've done one of these and what better way to share what I've been up to. Instagram has become more of an addiction since I got an iPhone. I'm a little too snap happy. Over the last month I've spent a lot of time hanging out with friends (read 'working'). Going from one end of the country to the next. Partying it up in Galway and eating Sushi to shopping till I drop in Dublin and trying not to get blown away. Literally. Temple Bar is a dangerous place in the wind. You've been warned guys. I'm currently enjoying a week off work which is a nice break before starting semester two next week. Plenty of time to kick back with my newly reactivated 'Netflix' account. Quickly making my way through 'American Horror Story'. I'm a season and a half down. Can't wait to get to season three. But that marathon is on hold in favor of 'Pretty Little Liars' which starts back in like 3hrs. If you follow me on Twitter - beware of potential spoilers. ;)