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Cocoa Brown - Gentle Bronze Gradual Tan

cocoa brown gradual tan
Ohhhh Cocoa Brown and their never ending list of incredible products. I love gradual tan and as if by faith, a gradual tan 'Gentle Bronze' was added to their range of products and i've been a happy camper ever since. I think we're all aware at this point, that I am not good with regular tan. Which is funny because you think it would be the opposite way round considering 'tan tan' has a tint to it to help you apply and with gradual tan you're applying blind. I'm onto my third tube of the stuff because I'm so obsessed with it.
gentle bronze before
Gentle bronze is great because unlike the actual Cocoa Brown tan that I SUCK at applying, I can apply this tan simply, without missing any of my body. It's stupid proof. No odd patches. It doesn't leave any streaks, which blows my mind because really, how is that possible when I don't even know where I'm applying it, I'm just sort of 'going for it' each time and hoping for the best.
It also smells amazing, Cocoa Brown are known for their signature floral gardenia scent and Gentle Bronze doesn't fail to deliver this.
cocoa brown gentle bronze after
 I apply Cocoa Brown Gradual Bronze when I've gotten out of the shower. I like doing it this way because not only is it moisturizing my skin when I get out of the shower buuut the tan builds up perfectly whilst I'm in bed, asleep. When I wake up I'm met with a lovely subtle glow which looks nothing but natural. When I use gentle bronze I like to keep it hydrated and looking it's best by applying another Cocoa Brown favourite of mine, Chocolate Whip. It keeps it looking good for as long as possible and then I take out tough Stuff to get rid of it. The best thing about it being a gradual tan is, you can build it up to look as dark as you want it. How tan you go is totally up to you which is pretty neat because I like to go tan but not so tan that it's obvious it's fake, making it perfect for the Irish winter because guurl where you getting a Mediterranean tan when it's minus 2 out there? As far as anyone knows, it's just your summer tan that's faded a bit.
Gentle Bronze is definitely my favourite product from Cocoa Brown and if you're a tanning fail like I am, then I definitely recommend you buy this and fall in love.

(This product was originally sent to me by Cocoa Brown to consider for review. This has not impacted my thoughts on this product and I have since repurchased it myself.
For my full disclaimer, click here.)


Smell like Christmas

snow fairy and ginger and co review
Once December first chimes in, I desire nothing more than to immerse myself in all things Christmas. Christmas music, movies, treats and scents. Judging by the posts I see on Instagram, I'm not alone in this. It's the most wonderful time of the year after all. My two favourite products at the moment in the run up to Christmas are Lush's 'Snow Fairy' and the 'Soft on You' body butter from 'Ginger and Co'*.
snow fairy christmas lush
Shower time at the moment consists of a little unknown product. 'Snow Fairy' from Lush is pretty unheard of in the blogging community. I rarely see bloggers discussing how amazing this smells. Jokes, jokes. It's pretty damn popular. So popular in fact, that it was hard for me to get my hands on the bigger sizes. Obviously everyone in Dublin has been stocking up. I love Snow Fairy, it's so sickeningly sweet and it's what i imagine the powerpuff girls mixture to smell like, sugar, spice and everything nice. I've been using it pretty sparingly and I need more of it in my life but it's hard when the Irish shipping costs for Lush are so cray cray. Maybe as a Christmas present from me, to me.
ginger and co body butter
Post shower, I have replaced my beloved Vaseline Spray and Go, with this body butter from 'Ginger and Co'. 'Ginger and Co' are a fairly new company, who in the last couple of months have launched in select Penneys stores across Ireland. They're a 1940s inspired bath and body brand with a number of products ranging from hand cream to bubble bath. Their packaging is reminiscent of 'Soap and Glory' but that's where the similarities begin and end.Where 'Soap and Glory' can be on the pricey side, 'Ginger and Co' keeps their costs all well below 10€. Super affordable and amazing as your getting the same quality as 'Soap and Glory'.
soft on you ginger and co
This 'Ginger and Co' body butter 'Soft on You' smells good enough to eat. You're essentially making your self smell like a giant ginger cookie. Nom nom nom. The perfect body butter for Christmas. This body butter feels different from other body butters, it feels less like a cream but more like a jelly. It's so cool, I've never come across a body butter with that kind of consistency and I'm obsessed with my body butters. I use this to moisturise all over and a little really goes a long way. Not that you would run out of this tub in a hurry because it's huge. The butter sinks into your skin pretty quickly which is perfect if you're in a hurry (popping out for last minute Christmas shopping, am I right?) and the ginger scent lingers on your skin for a good few hours after applying. I've had many compliments on it.
So there you have it, the two products I use to make myself smell like Christmas in the er run up to Christmas.. Do you have any products you like to use in the run up to Christmas? Comment below.
(*The 'Ginger and Co' body butter was sent to me to consider for review. This has not impacted my opinion. For my full disclaimer, please click here.)


Eating Out : The Bakehouse Dublin

the bakehouse dublin review
After Demi, my friend and I decided we really, really wanted some yummy American, fluffy style pancakes. We made it our mission Monday morning to find a place in Dublin city center that did some affordable and tasty pancakes.
My friend did a quick search on twitter for 'pancakes Dublin' and came across 'The Bakehouse' bakery and eatery which was located on Bachelors Walk. Our location for a day of shopping was Henry's St so this was perfect for us. We strolled down Bachelors Walk until we came across a cute, little pink storefront with music playing (if you know where the ha'penny bridge is, well it's just before that) and went inside.
irish food blog
We were met with a cute little bakery with rolling pins nailed along the wall and funky little pink tiles. It was adorable. I also noted how they were serving smoothies in mason jars. MY favourite thing. We ordered our pancakes (9€) and some coffee and dug right in.
the bakehouse dublin pancakes
They were honestly, the best pancakes I've ever had. As a pancake obsese, I was pretty chuffed with my friends discovery. The pancakes were served in a stack of three, with a side of fresh fruit and some maple syrup. I've recently fallen in love with maple syrup, and can't get enough of the stuff. It's so yummy. The strawberries sprinkled on top of the pancakes were so good, my mouth is drooling just thinking about them. I didn't try the little jam pot because I'm not a massive jam fan, but I'm sure it was good too.
best pancakes dublin 2014
The pancakes were so fluffy and they weren't the slightest bit dry. We didn't have to wait too long for them to be served either, which was great because we were so hungry. They were so filling and we had we trouble trying to finish them off, but we powered through and raved about them to anyone who would listen to us all day.
If you're ever in Dublin city center for breakfast and looking for somewhere off the map to eat, head to 'The Bakehouse' you will not be disappointed. Just the atmosphere alone is enough to make me want to return.


Demi Lovato and Enrique Iglesias Ireland

demi lovato irish meet and greet
This post is long overdue but, if you follow me on any of my social media, then you will already know that I met Demi freaking Lovato! I'm still not quite over it yet. Maybe someday, but not today. If anything, it feels like an odd dream. The best dream ever mind you, but odd. Thankfully, I'm not the only one having this problem. Everyone else who met her is having a hard time putting it into reality too. I've always had one dream (celeb wise) and that was to see her perform live, but I got to meet her too so it's really crazy. She's one of my favourite people ever and it's just so.....ah. I'm so thankful to have had the chance to meet her and she was so sweet and absolutely tiny and if she actually uses her skincare line, then I will be needing it..
demi lovato dublin enrique iglesias
If you didn't know, Demi was supporting Enrique Iglesias last week as part of his 'Sex and Love' tour. I bought tickets to see Demi, I assumed they would have equal stage time but I was wrong. She say's she's going to come back but I doubt it.
Her vocals live, knocked Enrique the whole way from Dublin to Galway. It was kind of pathetic really. He may have been the main pull and a total babe (ps. Irish Enrique fans are aggressive, lovatics were the sweetest) but Demi was fantastic. My friends even commented that she sounded better live, than she did on her actual album. Slay.
Enrique did put on a really good show, he's an entertainer, easy on the eye but not so easy on the ears. In reality, I think he was experiencing difficulties, as when he came on stage he kept pulling his ear piece out and looking off to the side of the stage. He was also drowned out by the music, it was hard to make out the words he was singing, he carried on though and picked up momentum towards the middle of the show. I'm not a huge Enrique fan, but for that hour and a half, I was pulled into the world of Enrique and even held onto his hand for a split couple of seconds. I was front row and it was a great experience, especially when he ran into the crowd multiple times and stood right over us and sang.
The security guard in the 3arena looked so confused, cause we went cray for Demi but with Enrique we were so 'yup yup tuuune, abs, face, remove hat, ohhh stand by me, i think i know this song, kay you're standing in front of me now'. But overall it was a good night and he was really sweet to the audience, saying how he really appreciated us all coming out to see him, that he understood times were hard and it was cute because not many artists recognise that. He was so laid back and when he jumped onto the balcony and took selfies with all those people, I just couldn't help but think how cray cray he was.
I met some really lovely people when I was in the crowd too. This was the first time I was in a crowd where I didn't feel like I was going to be sliced. Miley Cyrus' concert back in May nearly put me off standing in the 3arena for good but thankfully it was all good and I really wish it was last week again because I enjoyed it all so much. If you ever get a chance to see either of them live, do.



costa gingerbread latte
I love Costa all year round. But my favourite time at Costa is Christmas. Seasonal drinks!! Hot chocolates, gingerbread lattes, seasonal treats. Nom nom. I'm a sucker for the gingerbread latte. The little gingerbread man wins me over every year. I'm also very fond of the hot chocolates, but have yet to try one due to a bet between me and my friend. Whoever goes the longest without coke (bekah) or chocolate (me) wins, and the loser has to buy the other something nice. Our cut off is 21 days and if we both reach that, then we're going for a celebratory Costa. We spend too much time in Costa, it's a running joke between us at this point. The staff are probably laughing at us but at least we get points!
costa athlone
Not only has Costa a number of Christmas inspired drinks, they have a number of seasonal treats too. Everything from mince pies to gingerbread muffins. There's not enough time to try all of them. I tried the almond and cherry muffin at the weekend and ohmygod, it was heavenly. I love almonds anyway but guys, this muffin was out of this world good. Thinking about it is having me crave another.
costa christmas cups 2014
The take out cups are the cutest things ever. Beats Starbucks hands down. We actually ordered ours to go just so we could get one. Pathetic, I know. Depending on what size you get, they all seem to be different. The one above is a medium (gingerbread latte).
Behind the 'Black Forest' hot chocolate, the gingerbread latte is my favourite seasonal drink. If you're dairy free, they even make it with soy milk. Gotta skip out on the cream tho cause I don't think they do a dairy free cream. With only a few weeks left until Christmas, I'm going to have to speed through the Christmas menu. Not like it's going to be hard right?
Whats your favourite Costa Christmas drink?


I Graduated

college graduation ootd
So a funny thing happened yesterday - I graduated!!!!! Granted I'm still in college and doing an add on, but yay, officially graduated. I'm actually qualified to do something.
Flashing back to three years ago it all seemed a little out of reach. If you're a long time blog reader you'll know that i dropped out of IT Sligo as it wasn't for me. People were very quick to judge. Dropping out is considered such a bad thing in Ireland but I'm so so happy that I dropped out of something I hated and found something I love instead.
I know many people who've stuck with courses they absolutely hated just because they didn't want to be seen as a 'drop out' and now they're stuck with a degree in a field that they have no interest being in.
I believe everything happens for a reason and if I hadn't gone to Sligo and dropped out I wouldn't be doing something I love.
Especially because my course 'Social Media Marketing' was a new course and didn't even exist the first year I applied to CAO. Crazy times. It's kind of cool being able to say you were the first to graduate from that course.
athlone it social media marketing
There were a few obstacles in my way - maths, economics but I got there in the end. If anyone is curious - my dress is Penneys three years ago and the shoes are Penneys too.
I'm very proud of everyone on my course and here's to graduating again next year.