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Winter Hair Care on a Budget.

During the winter months my hair needs that extra bit of TLC. Actually thats a lie. It needs a little extra TLC all year round but shhh ;) I'm a heat addict. I straighten and curl my hair to the point where the ends of my hair look a little (read a lot) fried. Throw in the elements - rain, wind, and you have the perfect mixture for frizzy, dead, horse like hair. I don't know about you but I prefer my hair to look a little more Blair Waldorf and a little less Mia Thermopolis. So enter the 'Argan Oil - Hydrating Hair Mask'. This has been my little savior since we entered into the colder months. I love a good hair mask and at €1.50 (Cara Pharmacy - €2 in the 2€ shop) you can't go wrong. This mask is a lot thicker than other masks I've tried and definitely a lot oiler. It feels quite greasy on your hands. But I love this cause I know it's going to work wonders on my hair. I find that some masks are very light and I have to use quite a lot of the product in one go to cover the ends of my hair. However, this Argan Oil hair mask goes a long way and you only need the smallest amount to cover your hair. It's worth pointing out that I have a lot of hair ( it grows, who knew) that goes well below my shoulders so if you have shorter hair than me you won't even need to use that much. I use this once a week and leave it in over night. It does say on the tub to leave it on for 10mins but I prefer to give my hair that extra bit of conditioning and just rinse out in the morning. Blow dry as normal. As it's that extra bit oily in comparison to other hair masks it does take a few mins to make sure you get it all out, it really clings to your hair. I love how my hair looks and feels after I've applied this. Shiny, soft, a dream to touch and work with. If I could get away with using this hair mask as a regular conditioner I'd be one happy girl.


Trina Keenaghan said...

Oooh I must give it a try! I've been using the argan oil shampoo and conditioner and my hair feels so much better than usual.I even use their heat defense spray! :D The mask sounds amazing! :)

Unknown said...

I bought this back in July from Poundland and haven't even opened it yet! I'll give it a try this week! :D x

Amii ScarletPout said...

I love this stuff, such a bargain and works just as well as the big name brand ones do!

I mix this with my hair dye for colour touch ups :) fresh colour and pretty hair <3 xxx

Unknown said...

I tried the shampoo and conditioner ion this make. Might give this a try too x