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Dress Up Your Iphone.

I recently bought an iphone which means I recently bought a hell of a lot of Iphone covers which I don't need but really needed all at the same time. My main reasoning behind buying an Iphone to begin with was all the awesome covers you can get. Ebay is a sea of incredible covers and I nearly drowned in a flood of potential covers to buy. I settled on four. How could I not. They're so cool. I especially love the roses and pearl one. I have a soft spot in my heart for all things tacky. The tackier the iphone cover the better in my opinion. I figured I would share with you guys all my great finds cause who doesn't like a good bargain?
1. The Birds Nest - If any of you are "Pretty Little Liars" fans you'll recognize the yellow birds nest as a good copy of the pink one that Hanna Marin has throughout the PLL seasons. Not to forget Miss Serena Van Der Woodsen who I also spotted rocking a black one on my personal fave "Gossip Girl". If its chic enough for an Upper East Sider well then it's good enough for me. I bought mine from here on Ebay but a quick search and you can find it in numerous different colours and prices.
2. I'm a sucker for anything with a cross on it and after seeing pics of Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner showing off their studded 'Wildflower' ones a few months back I knew I had to have one. The 'Wildflower' ones are a little pricey (35$) so I headed back to good aul Ebay and found this one for cheap as chips here. A good cross Iphone cover is the ultimate mirrored selfie companion, didn't you know?
3. I LOVE owls (not as much as Megan from 'Blondes Love Cupcakes' mind you) and after seeing this Marc by Marc Jacobs knock off I knew it had to have it for my Iphone. I'd been lusting over the cases on the Marc Jacobs site but at 48$ it's a little much for a basic silicone case. Even if it does have cute little pointy ears. I picked mine up on Ebay (oh lord) here for 5$. I'll let you all in on a little secret - I really wanted the dog one but it wouldn't ship to Ireland. Oh #firstworldproblems. But I'm really diggin' the owl. It's managed to stay on my Iphone the longest out of the lot.
4. I really love this one Kylie Jenner has in one of her insta pics but for the life of me I couldn't find a good cheap version online. So I settled for this pink rose one with little pearls (Ebay here). Its the right amount of cute and tacky. The roses get in the way of the camera a bit though so I have to try fix that. Can't be snapchatting with something in my lense. If you're a Kendall and Kylie Jenner fan check out my pinterest board here.
5. It's Christmas, therefore everyone needs a Christmas inspired Iphone case. I got this silicone one in Penneys for 4€ about two weeks ago and I love it. The little dangling Santa Claus feet are hilarious. As for this gif? I'm sorry, I just HAD to include it.
6.Last but not least is one I picked up in Claire's with ma friendddd Bekah. It's one of those cheesy BFF one's. She has the other half. We're cute like that. We went halfies on the price so it was 5€ each. Claires has a lot of wicked covers though, even samsung ones. 10 points if you can guess our location in the above photo ;) Hint : its not Costa *cough*
My Iphone is an Iphone 4s which I got a pretty good deal on in Vodafone. All the Ebay cases were ordered on a Saturday night three weeks ago and all had arrived by Tuesday last week. Impressive really as two were out of the EU.
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Dilan Dilir said...

cute phone cases! :D

The Fucking Blog said...

love this!

Unknown said...

A huge shop full on i-phone covers has just opened up near me, so I'm hoping someone will have got my hints and grabbed me a couple for Christmas! Some gorgeous vintage florals, which are just my cup of tea.
You've got quite the collection there!
Hope you're well.
Mel xx

Megan said...

I am obsessed with phone covers, I've got loads too! Like the look of the birds nest one :D :D

Erin said...

Love the owl! x

Unknown said...

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