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House of Holland False Nails.

I don't think I've ever been more willing to pay 10€ for a pack of false nails than I was for these 'House of Holland' by Elegant Touch ones. When I saw them on the rail in Boots I practically jumped for them and then convinced my friend that she also needed them. She was able to buy them using her Boots advantage points, she wins. LOOK, the packaging is a little house. Attention to detail or what. 'House of Holland' its a house? okay I'll stop now. I did contemplate buying the 'Dotty' ones cause I was loving the matte black but these were so Geek Chic that I couldn't resist. They screamed Zooey Deschanel to me and everyone should be a little more like Zooey Deschanel.
I've been a massive fan of Henry Holland since way back in the day when he hosted 'Frock Me' with Alexa Chung on Channel 4. The ultimate duo. I was slightly obsessed with the 'House of Holland' slogan tshirts and spent many hours scrolling through the 'House of Holland' website. Maybe too many hours. If anything he is the definition of geek chic. Too cool for his own good and part of that british  fashion crew. You know the one.
The nails come in their own little black house and contain 24 nails in 10 different sizes. I'll never get use out of the eyes in the middle as they're absolutely massive and I can't imagine someone having fingernails that big but if they're in the pack there's obviously a need somewhere. The inside of the pack contains everything you would need to apply your nails perfectly. As I'm still  a bit of a rookie when it comes to false nails, my friend advised me to file down the corners of my own nails to reduce any risk of the false nails falling off and to apply the glue to every inch of my nail. The glue dried almost instantly (my thumb was nearly stuck to my middle finger for eternity) and the nails held as though they were there all along.
On the box it promises that they'll last for up to 10 days. Despite my best efforts to keep them on for as long as possible to see if this was true, I had to yank them all off two days later for work. But they did last a whole 48hrs which is pretty good by my standards. The designs on the nails are just so cool. My personal fave is the suspenders one on the thumb, closely followed by the creepy looking eye. So if you're a false nails rookie like myself and you're on the lookout for a pack that's hassle free with zero to no filing necessary then these are for you. Granted, at 10€ they are at the pricier end of the scale but well worth it if you ask me. Also, lets take a moment to cherish the fact that Henry Holland liked the pic of my nails on instagram. My inner fangirl died a little when she saw..


Lush It Up - Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic.

Lush 'Fizzbanger' is one of the Lush products I've been wanting to try out for some time now. As luck would have it, one of my friends got me one for my birthday last week and I couldn't wait to use it. The smell of it alone is incredible. So like a little child, I hauled myself off to the bathroom, ran myself the perfect bath as instructed and let the 'Fizzbanger' do it's thaaang. When I popped it into the bath it began to swizz around like crazy. Spinning from corner to corner releasing it's frothy bubbles. It was in entertaining to watch, not so fun to try and photograph mind you. My bathroom was engulfed by citrus and cinnamon scents, everything I love from a bath product. Cinnamon is my favourite scent and I love it even more around Christmas so I was instantly drawn in.
I split it into two to make it last longer as you really don't need to use the entire ballistic. I think even a quarter of this would have sufficed but I plopped in half of it anyway. If you're going to split it in half like I did, be aware that you will most likely end up cutting through the little piece of paper on the inside that says 'Bang'. This is the little surprise that awaits you inside the ballistic and floats around the bath when the whole thing has fizzed out. It was also pretty hard to chop through and obviously crumbled quite a bit but worth it just to make the ballistic go that little bit further. If you have any tips for splitting these bad boys in half, please comment below as I nearly lost a finger.
The water turned an array of different colours before it settled on this gorgeous aqua green shade. I was surprised by how many bubbles this produced as usually the bath ballistics can be a little hit and miss and I just end up adding a drop of bubble bath but this was perfect. The water was quite creamy against my skin and I really felt like my skin was getting a little treat in the bath. Especially as when I stepped out my skin was super soft and silky. Just what it needed after a long week of work, college and battling the elements.


The Sunday Post : A Life Update.

It's been quite a few days since I last posted on here. It's a pitiful excuse really but my wifi is so bad at the moment. It's incredible that we're in the year 2013 and moving 5mins out of a town can have such a dramatic impact on your internet speed. We're looking at different options but nothing really fits. Eircom seems to be the best option out of a bad bunch so if any of you can recommend one, please comment below. I took advantage of the college wifi during the week and uploaded pictures for new posts and I finally just got the chance to sit down and type. The end of October brought with it some exciting things. I got a job at the local cinema and started last weekend. I was so unsure of how the interview had gone but obviously it was better than I thought and here I am two weeks later with the job. Between college, assignments and work my blog will unfortunately suffer for the next while until I can get into a new routine. October was a fantastic month stat wise and I really want to keep that up. I also hit over 100 likes on my facebook page which is incredible and if you haven't 'liked' already, make sure you do :) In other news, this week I turn 21. Cray cray. Especially as I'm constantly mistaken for a lot younger, 16 was the latest. I can't wait to hang out with friends and family and eat my body weight in cake and chinese. What better way to celebrate the big 2-1. Things are crazy right now but it's a fun crazy. The house is finally starting to come together after moving in at the end of September. College is going good and I can finally blame my extreme tiredness and excessive bruising to anemia (again). I've been buying a few things the last week or two, so expect a haul post or two. I'm also psyching myself up to start filming youtube videos too. Where I'll find the time is a whole other issue. But yes, keep an eye out for those and make sure you're subscribed.
Hope you're all having a good weekend.


How To Get The Most From Your Autumn Wardrobe.

Autumn is most definitely here, the nights are getting darker and there is a crisp, coldness to the air. This has led to the majority of us ditching the summer dresses and heading straight to our fair isles jumpers and skinny jeans. Our autumn wardrobes are always a slightly confused blend of summer clothing mixed with winter items that makes this the one season where we can really get creative with our styles. So how do we get the most out of our wardrobes? Here are some top tips for A/W 2013. 
Opt for the masculine over the feminine : 
Ok, so I know this is a strange thing to say, but autumn is all about comfort and part of this is making sure that our clothing reflects this. From our Ugg boots, which more and more men are turning to, to an oversized boyfriend cardigan – which is a must have in my wardrobe. This baggy look lends itself more towards the masculine than the feminine, but this is where you can get really creative. 
Start off by choosing a really flirty, cute ladylike dress; we all have one so I am sure you will know exactly which one to pick. This will be the foundation to the overall look, which you can then start adding layers of masculinity too. Start with a boyfriend cardigan that can be worn with a belt at the waist to maintain your figure. Team this with a pair of Ugg boots and you are onto a winner. If you don’t own a pair of these boots – then you simply must experience the comfort. You can find a pair Uggs at Littlewoods Ireland .
Change your colour palette :
One of the best things about autumn is that you can see the world changing around you, from the leaves on the trees all the way through to the bright orange sunrises. This is the exact reason that autumn colours are so popular with the design houses year after year; each season always has a burnt orange and a chestnut number for us to latch onto.  So this is exactly what we shall do, we shall begin to sneak in some hints of autumn shades in to our existing wardrobes. This can be done through our accessories, every day wear and can even come though into our beauty regimes. 
One of the simplest ways to grasp onto the colours of autumn is to incorporate them into our accessories like necklaces and shoes. Tote bags have been around for the past few seasons and many of us could not be without one now. Let’s face it they are great for everyday bags and constantly look stylish. This seasons Tote needs to be in a chestnut brown, like this one. It looks like autumn and is perfect for all year around as well. 
Dress for all weathers :
This is the one time of year when we need to seriously consider every possible weather outcome. One minute it is pouring with rain and the next it is relatively warm; you never know what is going to happen next. It is because of this that our autumn wardrobes have to have an extra layer of functionality, as well as maintaining effortless style. This has to start with a great coat, that will keep us warm when it’s cold, dry when it’s wet and stylish throughout the whole season. Luckily there are many of them around at the moment, that offer us exactly what we need. 
One of the best options for an autumn coat is the humble parka. Many brands offer us a waterproof version for those nagging autumn showers, many have a faux sheepskin lining for warmth and they come in an array of colours. Perfect!

(This is a sponsored post which I felt would be beneficial to the majority of readers.
Whats your go to items for Autumn? Mine are definitely Uggs & a parka.)