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The Wednesday Post - Sharpie Mug.

 Every time I click into the DIY section on Pinterest, which lets face it is quite a lot, I'm hit    with image after image of 'Sharpie Mugs'. The idea was pretty simple. You get a basic white mug, a sharpie and stick it in the oven on a high heat for 30mins and you have a permanent design that you've done yourself. I've been dying to try them out for months now as they looked like a pretty fun idea. I mean, whats better than your own personalized mug that you've taken the time to do yourself? My Mum picked up some mugs in the 2€ shop so we could give it a whirl at the weekend and these are what we came up.
Not being overly artistic I went for a simple cutesy design with my name and the odd doodle. 'Sweater Weather' made it's way in there too with a little owl and I think it looks pretty funky. I love the black on white monochrome, really catches your eye. It's how they caugh my eye on Pinterest to begin with anyway. I got these ideas from google. I loved the little love heart made from the handle and the owl was just that little bit better on the image i copied it from. Adorable. I've been using my mug to hold my make up brushes in and I love it.
My friend Jenny went with a Batman theme. The bat came out so well. Its hard not to love it. Inside the cup was a little scribbling of 'The Joker' and some creepy eyes on the bottom. Both I forgot to include in the photo. Silly Jess.
The little bro is obsessed with those mustache mugs, I'm sure you all know what I'm on about. So he had me draw a mustache on one side and then a shirt and tie on the other. He like to hold it right up to his face to make it look like he has a mustache or tie on. Pretty funny. Not going to lie. Seeing how their mugs looked with such wicked drawings I regretted not doing the same with mug. But there's always next time. I loved the idea behind these but regardless of the cooking in the oven, the marker doesn't actually stay on the mug. One wash and the lil bro lost half his stache. 'Thought this was permanent Jess?'. I'll never hear the end of this. If any of you know of any ways to get the marker to stay on the mug, please comment below as we really want to use them as regular mugs but that's not possible if we can't wash them. Oh Pinterest and it's genius ideas that fall through.


vicki bruce said...

What a fun creative thing to do. I have a nice collection of sharpies - all I need now are some blank mugs!
Great idea

Pink Elephant Blog said...

Love this!!! So cute!!

Lucy Doyle said...

This is great omg! I so have to try this out :) xx

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Makeup Monster said...

This is a great idea, love it!

Hareem Wahaj said...

Going to do this! Such a great idea! :) xx

Aisling said...

So awesome! I love the batman one haha! :D might try make my own :D there has to be a way to get the marker not to wash off... hmmm :) x

Julie said...

Awww...these mugs are all so cute! You gave me a great idea. I can do these mugs as giveaways this coming Christmas. I better start now for I will make lots of them =)

YourBeauty said...

Very cool!

Amanda Chic said...

love it
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A chic kiss ;)

Amanda Chic said...

twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
Fashion room lounge

A chic kiss ;)