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The Wednesday Post : Get Your Scare On.

BOO!!!!! Ahh who doesn't love a bit of Halloween inspired nail art? I'm not dressing up this year so I figured I may as well dress my nails up instead. All in all it took me about an hour to do these. That also included browsing google for inspiration. There were so many different designs and tutorials. I was a little overwhelmed. I wanted to try everything. My nail art skills aren't the best so I had to tell myself to stick to the easy stuff. But they look pretty cool if I say so myself. I'm delighted with them and I'm already mentally planning xmas ones. Practice , practice.
I kept the nail shades to halloweenI used Essie 'Blanc' and 'Mango Bango' for the white and orange and then the dark shade is actually a navy one from Nails Inc as surprisingly, I don't have a black in my collection. 8 different shades of pastel blue but no black. Makes sense really. To do the little designs I used an Essence cuticle stick. It had both a slanted and pointy end and did the job pretty well. I don't have fancy nail tools so made do with what I have. The middle nail in the last picture didn't photograph well but its actually strips of tissue over the white nail polish to give a mummy/zombie vibe with a splash of orange to give the appearance of blood. My pumpkin is pretty miserable looking. Triangles are not my strong point. I have yet to carve an actual pumpkin this halloween. Sad times. Going to grab one tomorrow, throw 'Hocus Pocus' into the DVD player and act like nobodies home when the Trick 'r' Treaters come a knocking. However, I think i'll spend the next few hours listening to the 'She and Him' cover of 'I Put a Spell On You'. Absolute fav.

Happy Halloween Guys.


s said...

I love them!! :) I don't have steady hands to do both hands, I can only do one aha.

Unknown said...

These look really good Jess! Love em! xx

Unknown said...

These are deadly x