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Creating Lovely Voluminous Hair.

Lets firstly recognize and apologise for how bad these photos look. If there was ever an example of poor lighting this post would be the poster child. I love you winter, I really do but unless tesco starts to stock natural day light bulbs I'm going to be in a bit of a pickle. Moving on..... The John Frieda 'Luxurious Volume'* range was kindly sent to me a few months ago to try out and review for the blog. I like to give products a long term trial before I write a post so I can truly let you guys know if the products are worth your euro. After messing about with these for the last three months I can honestly say - yes spend your euro. I like voluminous hair. I've tried multiple shampoos, mousses and hairsprays that all promised to give me big bad ass Cheryl Cole hair and failed. Failed miserably.
So I was pleasantly surprised when these products gave my hair that bit of an oomph.I have quite thick, long hair but the strands are pretty fine. At times it can look limp and lifeless near the root, especially when curled. I don't like products that make my hair feel weighed down and heavy and thankfully these don't do that. When I'm blow drying my hair I spritz on the 'Fine to Full Blow Out' (9.79€ full size) spray near the ends of my hair as they're that little bit more thinned out than the rest. Also a little dead but you'll have that. I prefer it to not look thinned out at the ends as it makes me feel like it looks kind of ratty and unhealthy? I'm just picky. But this really helps even out the overall look of my hair and fill out the ends. As my hair gets closer to being dry I jump in with the 'Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster' (7.99€). This is my favourite product from the range. You spritz it onto your hair when it's 'towel dried' and then blow dry/style as you usually do. I experimented with this. I spritzed just as i started blow drying my hair and other times when i had let it dry naturally. Honestly, theres no difference. Whether your hair is slightly wet or ringing it doesn't affect how well this works. It really boosts up your roots. After a day and a half it does begin to loose that volume but thats where the 'Volume Building Mousse' (7.99€) comes in.
A pump of the mousse, tip your head upside down and your good to go. You really only need a small pump of this as a little goes a long way. Remember with mousse that little is more, you can always pump a little bit extra if you need to but you can't take it back if you put on too much. The mousse isn't sticky and doesn't leave the strands of your hair all hard and dry like some mousses can. It smells pretty decent too. I'm not a big mousse user but I've really liked using this. If you're a long time reader you'll know my thoughts on dry shampoo. It's not something I reach for at all and I just don't see the necessity. I didn't have high expectations for the 'Volume Refresh Dry Shampoo' but have used it the odd time I felt my hair needed it. I definitely find it nicer to use in comparison to Batiste (post here). It doesn't leave my hair feeling dry and powdery at all and I like how there isn't much of a scent to this. My hair does feel 'refreshed' after using and looking that little bit more plump than it did beforehand but I'm still not overly sure. If you don't like Batiste but love to use dry shampoo that this one is definitely for you anyway.
Overall, I love the range and will continue to use. I will definitely be purchasing the 'Blow Dry Lotion' when I run out as I can't get enough of it along with the 'Blow Out' spray. Above is my hair styled and curled after using the above products minus the dry shampoo. To achieve these tousled waves I used my TRESemmé hair curler (post here) on the lowest setting. As you can see my hair is rocking some well deserved volume near the roots and as a result you get a happy Jess. I'm eager to try the shampoo and conditioner from this range too so if any of you have any experiences please comment below or send me a tweet.

(*These products were sent to me to try out and review for the blog. All opinions are my own.)


Unknown said...

Your hair always look fab! I deffo have to get this I keep forgetting though lol! I need volume I've such flat straight hair! x

s said...

I love your hair, it looks fantastic! May need to give this a go x

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I tried the shampoo and conditioner... the root booster sounds like something I need to put on my to try list too!

Voyage of the MeeMee

Colette said...

I must try that blow dry lotion! I'm slightly obsessed with getting more volume in my hair lately

Ariadna M said...

I definitely need to try that! xx

Unknown said...

Oh wow, your hair looks amazing!! Like actual model hair!

Unknown said...

Your hair looks amazing Jess!
I want this range now so I can have that hair! haha