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The Wednesday Post : Get Your Scare On.

BOO!!!!! Ahh who doesn't love a bit of Halloween inspired nail art? I'm not dressing up this year so I figured I may as well dress my nails up instead. All in all it took me about an hour to do these. That also included browsing google for inspiration. There were so many different designs and tutorials. I was a little overwhelmed. I wanted to try everything. My nail art skills aren't the best so I had to tell myself to stick to the easy stuff. But they look pretty cool if I say so myself. I'm delighted with them and I'm already mentally planning xmas ones. Practice , practice.
I kept the nail shades to halloweenI used Essie 'Blanc' and 'Mango Bango' for the white and orange and then the dark shade is actually a navy one from Nails Inc as surprisingly, I don't have a black in my collection. 8 different shades of pastel blue but no black. Makes sense really. To do the little designs I used an Essence cuticle stick. It had both a slanted and pointy end and did the job pretty well. I don't have fancy nail tools so made do with what I have. The middle nail in the last picture didn't photograph well but its actually strips of tissue over the white nail polish to give a mummy/zombie vibe with a splash of orange to give the appearance of blood. My pumpkin is pretty miserable looking. Triangles are not my strong point. I have yet to carve an actual pumpkin this halloween. Sad times. Going to grab one tomorrow, throw 'Hocus Pocus' into the DVD player and act like nobodies home when the Trick 'r' Treaters come a knocking. However, I think i'll spend the next few hours listening to the 'She and Him' cover of 'I Put a Spell On You'. Absolute fav.

Happy Halloween Guys.


Creating Lovely Voluminous Hair.

Lets firstly recognize and apologise for how bad these photos look. If there was ever an example of poor lighting this post would be the poster child. I love you winter, I really do but unless tesco starts to stock natural day light bulbs I'm going to be in a bit of a pickle. Moving on..... The John Frieda 'Luxurious Volume'* range was kindly sent to me a few months ago to try out and review for the blog. I like to give products a long term trial before I write a post so I can truly let you guys know if the products are worth your euro. After messing about with these for the last three months I can honestly say - yes spend your euro. I like voluminous hair. I've tried multiple shampoos, mousses and hairsprays that all promised to give me big bad ass Cheryl Cole hair and failed. Failed miserably.
So I was pleasantly surprised when these products gave my hair that bit of an oomph.I have quite thick, long hair but the strands are pretty fine. At times it can look limp and lifeless near the root, especially when curled. I don't like products that make my hair feel weighed down and heavy and thankfully these don't do that. When I'm blow drying my hair I spritz on the 'Fine to Full Blow Out' (9.79€ full size) spray near the ends of my hair as they're that little bit more thinned out than the rest. Also a little dead but you'll have that. I prefer it to not look thinned out at the ends as it makes me feel like it looks kind of ratty and unhealthy? I'm just picky. But this really helps even out the overall look of my hair and fill out the ends. As my hair gets closer to being dry I jump in with the 'Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster' (7.99€). This is my favourite product from the range. You spritz it onto your hair when it's 'towel dried' and then blow dry/style as you usually do. I experimented with this. I spritzed just as i started blow drying my hair and other times when i had let it dry naturally. Honestly, theres no difference. Whether your hair is slightly wet or ringing it doesn't affect how well this works. It really boosts up your roots. After a day and a half it does begin to loose that volume but thats where the 'Volume Building Mousse' (7.99€) comes in.
A pump of the mousse, tip your head upside down and your good to go. You really only need a small pump of this as a little goes a long way. Remember with mousse that little is more, you can always pump a little bit extra if you need to but you can't take it back if you put on too much. The mousse isn't sticky and doesn't leave the strands of your hair all hard and dry like some mousses can. It smells pretty decent too. I'm not a big mousse user but I've really liked using this. If you're a long time reader you'll know my thoughts on dry shampoo. It's not something I reach for at all and I just don't see the necessity. I didn't have high expectations for the 'Volume Refresh Dry Shampoo' but have used it the odd time I felt my hair needed it. I definitely find it nicer to use in comparison to Batiste (post here). It doesn't leave my hair feeling dry and powdery at all and I like how there isn't much of a scent to this. My hair does feel 'refreshed' after using and looking that little bit more plump than it did beforehand but I'm still not overly sure. If you don't like Batiste but love to use dry shampoo that this one is definitely for you anyway.
Overall, I love the range and will continue to use. I will definitely be purchasing the 'Blow Dry Lotion' when I run out as I can't get enough of it along with the 'Blow Out' spray. Above is my hair styled and curled after using the above products minus the dry shampoo. To achieve these tousled waves I used my TRESemmé hair curler (post here) on the lowest setting. As you can see my hair is rocking some well deserved volume near the roots and as a result you get a happy Jess. I'm eager to try the shampoo and conditioner from this range too so if any of you have any experiences please comment below or send me a tweet.

(*These products were sent to me to try out and review for the blog. All opinions are my own.)


Saturday Haulin.

Honestly, its been such a long week. Exam. Assignments. I'm so happy to be on a break right now. The last two months have been 'go go go' that there hasn't really been much time to just sit back and hang out with friends. Throw in some shopping and coming home to chill with a DVD and you get a happy Jess. 'The Bling Ring' is one of my favorite movies of 2013 and I'm so happy it's finally out on DVD. Sofia Coppola will forever remain one of my favorite directors. I love her vision and the style of her movies, always so whimsical and flowy. The female perspective rather than the male. 'Marie Antoinette' shall also remain a firm favorite. 'The Bling Ring' is a true story based on the 'Vanity Fair' article 'The Suspects Wore Louboutins' and is a brilliant portrayal of a celebrity obsessed generation taking things that little bit too far. I loose myself in Paris Hilton's label filled wardrobe every time I watch this movie. Not to mention, Emma Watsons take on Alexis Neiers was perfect. That accent. If you haven't watched this already, you need to.
I haven't shopped in months. How have I survived you ask? I don't know but it's been hard. I've had a wishlist as long as my arm beginning with Boots and ending with Penneys. 3 for 2 caught me and I wandered out with a few things I really didn't need. As if I needed more of an excuse to wander in there, now one of my besties works in there.. Oh lordie. Cara Pharmacy recently took over a chemist in our town and the deals in there are unnatural. Essie nail polishes are currently down to 3.20€ from 9.99€. So I bought three cause well I need to. Do I really need a reason?.....maybe. I picked up an Apricot cuticle oil, the shades 'Blanc' and 'Mango Bango'. Was so happy to get 'Blanc' as I've been after it a while. I may need to go back to Cara for some more. If you're a fan of the L'oreal Micellar Water, it's currently 4€ in there. Bargain. Especially as I've literally just ran out of mine. I've actually mentioned it in a post before which you can find here. I also hit the sale in Tally Weijl and picked up a few things I've been after for a while. A good chunky jumper to keep me nice and toasty during the winter months. Although we so seem to be having a mini heatwave at the moment so maybe not such a wise purchase. If you guys are looking for a good album, you should know I'm obsessed with Lorde - Pure Heroine. It's so refreshing to sit down and listen to. I hate 90% of everything on the radio these days and over sexualized music videos. Lorde is like a breath of fresh air in a Rihanna obsessed age. Lets not go on a rant here, cause I so could. Two words, Blurred Lines.. Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Gift Idea - DiamonFire Earrings.

A few weeks ago I was contacted asking if I would like to review an item of my choice from the 'Diamonfire' range of jewelry which is available to purchase online from ''. After a long, hard browse through the range (everything is just so nice) I picked out these beautiful platinum plated, silver cubic zirconia studs available here for 57£. They arrived in a box with a pretty little bow wrapped around them. Made me feel like I was receiving an early Christmas present in the post.
I know some of you reading this will think that's awfully pricey for a pair of earrings but honestly, these are really worth it. Especially if you're like me and have sensitive ears. Mine are incredibly sensitive and I find it hard to find earrings that don't make my ears go all blistery and horrible. Sorry for that visual. Earrings from Penneys/Primark, Argos etc barely last the day for me until they become unbearable but these? I haven't taken them off. I forget they're there. No irritation what so ever. I've been slightly bold and even wore them in the shower just to see how they faired against water cause I know some of us are just that lazy. No discoloration in the slightest. I especially like the little push back on these. There's no fear of losing one of the studs as the back is very secure. I was afraid it might become looser and lose some of it's tightness but so far so good. The style of these earrings is what really drew me to them. I thought they looked very classic and simple. Perfect for all occasions.
Sorry for the dodge webcam picture but I really wanted you guys to see how cute these are on. They're just so small on the ear and bring that little bit of class to an otherwise chilled out look. I think I might be over wearing them just a little. I haven't worn any other earrings. If you're looking to buy a gift for a friend or mother or sister, I think these would be perfection. They're quite subtle and remind me of a pair that Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing and I mean, who doesn't want to be that little more like Kate?
(*These earrings were sent to me to review. All opinions are my own.)


The Wednesday Post - Sharpie Mug.

 Every time I click into the DIY section on Pinterest, which lets face it is quite a lot, I'm hit    with image after image of 'Sharpie Mugs'. The idea was pretty simple. You get a basic white mug, a sharpie and stick it in the oven on a high heat for 30mins and you have a permanent design that you've done yourself. I've been dying to try them out for months now as they looked like a pretty fun idea. I mean, whats better than your own personalized mug that you've taken the time to do yourself? My Mum picked up some mugs in the 2€ shop so we could give it a whirl at the weekend and these are what we came up.
Not being overly artistic I went for a simple cutesy design with my name and the odd doodle. 'Sweater Weather' made it's way in there too with a little owl and I think it looks pretty funky. I love the black on white monochrome, really catches your eye. It's how they caugh my eye on Pinterest to begin with anyway. I got these ideas from google. I loved the little love heart made from the handle and the owl was just that little bit better on the image i copied it from. Adorable. I've been using my mug to hold my make up brushes in and I love it.
My friend Jenny went with a Batman theme. The bat came out so well. Its hard not to love it. Inside the cup was a little scribbling of 'The Joker' and some creepy eyes on the bottom. Both I forgot to include in the photo. Silly Jess.
The little bro is obsessed with those mustache mugs, I'm sure you all know what I'm on about. So he had me draw a mustache on one side and then a shirt and tie on the other. He like to hold it right up to his face to make it look like he has a mustache or tie on. Pretty funny. Not going to lie. Seeing how their mugs looked with such wicked drawings I regretted not doing the same with mug. But there's always next time. I loved the idea behind these but regardless of the cooking in the oven, the marker doesn't actually stay on the mug. One wash and the lil bro lost half his stache. 'Thought this was permanent Jess?'. I'll never hear the end of this. If any of you know of any ways to get the marker to stay on the mug, please comment below as we really want to use them as regular mugs but that's not possible if we can't wash them. Oh Pinterest and it's genius ideas that fall through.


Foundation : Revlon Nearly Naked.

Expectations for this were really high after reading multiple reviews and watching first impression videos. I was hoping this would become my 'go to' foundation but unfortunately I was left incredibly disappointed and with a very empty pocket. Revlon foundations don't come cheap after all. Although this is one of the cheaper Revlon foundations. I accidentally went with this shade after swatching it in the store and forgetting to step outside to take a proper look. Rookie mistake Jess. Never one to waste a product I continued to use this throughout the summer when I was rocking that little bit more of a tan. This foundation promises to blend into your skin to give you a fresh natural look, as though you're not wearing any make up. I didn't find this at all. At first I thought it looked okay and then I had a proper look and realised that this clung anywhere it could cling and overly emphasized any troublesome areas of my skin. I have bad skin. I would rather not draw attention to how vile it looks. I found it especially hard to blend out and make even across all my face. Even with the tiniest drop it looked cakey and just sat on my face. Don't get me wrong. It did mask the redness of my skin and in certain lights looked more seamless than in others but in public my face looked a right cakey mess and I was overly paranoid about it. What disappointed me the most is, I paid so much for this cause I thought I'd get my moneys worth but now its just another foundation hiding in the back of my make up drawer.
Have any of you tried this? What did you think, over hyped or just right?


Concealer : Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection.

I've been meaning to blog about this concealer for quite a while now and considering I actually ran out of this a few months ago, it's long overdue. I'll be honest, the pictures in my blog folder were haunting me. 'Blog about me Jess', 'Why haven't you blogged about me yet Jess?'. Scary stuff right? So here we are you got your wish 'Collection 2000' concealer in shade 1. You'd never guess really, look how grubby the packaging had got. the labeling on it fades away pretty quick. Maybe they should consider a sticker or something? As far as the actual concealer goes its up there as one of my favorites. It applies with a little wand and you can use this to blend it out if you wish but for me I just used my finger to pat it onto the skin as this was quicker and I didn't end up applying more than I needed. As someone who suffers from bad acne from time to time I like to have a concealer that isn't too harsh and doesn't irritate the area and this is perfect. There's just enough coverage to tone down and cover up any redness and it blends in nicely with which ever foundation I am using. I really liked this for my under eye circles too. It covered them really well and didn't budge or end up going cakey which happens me quite a bit with other concealers. I will be purchasing it again purely for how much I loved it for my under eyes. Overall I love this concealer and I can see why it's so widely loved across the blogsphere. It does what it's meant to do and the tube is just so handy for throwing in your bag and heading on your way. If you've tried this, comment below and let me know your thoughts or tweet me a link to a review you've done.


The Wednesday Post.

On Saturday I finally saw my friend Amanda for the first time in three months. She ran away to Spain back in August to teach English to spanish children and between moving and going back to college I hadn't had time to see her since she got back. Life gets in the way and technology fails you. We decided to hit up our favourite coffee place in town 'Cool Beans' and have a good old catch up. It's been our favourite place since before we left school three years ago and we spent a little too much of our Fridays in there last year. If you're ever passing through Longford I highly recommend you go in and order a sandwich. Best in the whole town. We rarely order coffee these days, no longer need the artificial energy to get us through the end of the Leaving Cert but it's still pretty good. It's a cute little place and the staff are really friendly so definitely pop in. Penneys is only around the corner too. After feeding our souls we went and window shopped around town. Being broke when 'Tally Weijl' has the best sale ever on is nothing more than heartbreaking. I need to sell a limb or something so I can cash in on all these amazing A/W trends. Still on the fence about tartan skirts. I've tweeted many a tweet and still can't decide if I should take the plunge. It's a little too 'school girl' for me but at the same time reminds me of 'The Craft' and all it's ninetyness. Tell me your thought's on it below. High fashion or just high school?