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White Nails are Hawt Right Now,

Yes, white nails are hawt right now. I mean, just take a look at kate moss rocking them on the cover of 'Vogue' last month. Flawless. Not to mention they're all over tumblr right now and all good things start off over there. The whole hipster thing can practically be blamed on tumblr. If you're not on tumblr how do you even waste time?..... Anyway, I've been using the 'Natural Collection' one which I got a while back now. It's not my favorite nail polish ever but it does the job. Quality wise, it's pretty basic. Chips easily, three coats to get a good opaque coat but it does dry quickly so it makes all the reapplying you have to do a bit more effortless. It is only like 3 or 4€ so you can't really expect to get what you would from say 'Essie' (my baby). I love the white nail trend and against a tan it looks even more perfect. Are you rocking the white nail? Comment below.
A massive thank you to everyone who nominated me in the 'OohLaLa' magazine blog awards. I'm now a finalist along with so many other incredible bloggers.
pps. It was a boy.


Zoe said...

I love the way it looks, looks great with your tan! I've always found im a bit too pale to pull it off x

H said...

I absolutely adore the way white nails look on tanned skin like yours but I'm so pale that it looks like I have corpse hands :( I have to stick to pale nudes/pink instead. Your rings are lovely too by the way! :)

Love, Hails x |

Unknown said...

looks sooo lovely! I haven't tried pure bright white, but whitey pink like Essie's Fiji is a winner in my book!

Rosie x

Unknown said...

I am loving white nails too! With a tan they look amazinggg! Love the rings you on too!
hareem x

Gavina said...

Think I need to try white nails! Looks hot!

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Anonymous said...

this looks so good on you with a tan! lovely blog :) x

Ellie Burns said...

this looks so cool! I never think about white nail polish- although I don't think it would ever suit me, my hands are too ghostly white!xx

Shannon Marie said...

The white nails look amazing with your tanned skin :) I haven't rocked a white nail is quite some time, i might just have to now!

Unknown said...

it does look great, i agree. just wondering how long it took to chip? did you top up a little?


Audrey- The Nail Affair said...

Loving white nails right now too! This looks very opaque for natural collection, must say I'm very impressed:)