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Mind Your Face.

With the hot weather still in full swing i've been working extra hard to keep my skin clear because lets be honest, make up in this weather just melts off your face and nobody wants that, you know what i'm saying? Thankfully after years of putting up with pretty brutal skin it's now at the stage where I can get away with minimal to no coverage if I'm lucky. I'm a huge believer that it's not what you put on your skin that makes the difference but what you put into your body. You can take all the medication you want and apply as many topical lotions as you want but if you're not working on your inside you're fighting a loosing battle. I've been prescribed 'Zineryt' a few times and even though it does work and clears up everything, once I stop using it everything flares up again. In the last year I've come to realise that dairy products cause my skin to really break out. If I'm having a lot of dairy throughout the week I really notice the difference in my skin so I try my best not to have too much but yeh chocolate..... Water is my best friend though, I chug at least a litre and a half a day. If you aint hydrated your body won't love you and your skin really shows it. Especially around the eye/ear/cheek area. It's amazing what a healthier diet will do for you.
It's not all health health and crazy stuff like that though ;) There's a few products I have in my basic skin care routine to keep those pores clean and all that.
When it comes to removing my day face, I use the 'Loreal' Micellar water. Drop a bit onto a cotton pad (65c for a pack in tesco, bargain) and it effortlessly removes all your make up. I find it's great for removing mascara and eye make up especially as it's so gentle and there's no stinging.
To ensure I have every bit of make up off i use the 'Soap and Glory - Peaches and Cleansing Milk'. I love the smell of this, reminds me of watermelon even though it's peaches, so delish. As far as 'melting away make up' it's pretty useless at that but as a follow up to micellar water it's perfect. It really gets into your pores as you massage it onto your skin and leaves your face feeling refreshed and clean.
I've recently just purchased the 'Garnier - Day Cream'. I'll have a full post on this soon as I'm really loving it and want to give you guys a detailed post. I like how this gives a little glow to my skin whilst keeping it moisturised. The dewy complexion without the foundation. Win win.
The 'St Ives - Naturally Clear' scrub is the first face exfoliator i've used other than the 'Clean and Clear' ones and I'm really enjoying using it. It smells divine and I've found that it's really helped improve the appearance of my lower face where I have some acne scarring. I use it around 3 times a week and don't find it harsh on my face at all.
I'm not an expert on skin care but this is just what works for me. As I said at the beginning, I really believe it's what you put into your body that makes the difference so I'm not overly high maintenance with skin care like some might be. Let me know what you think below.


Anonymous said...

I heard the beads in st ives scrubs are to big and can cause more harm than good...have you heard that?

Beth said...

I love peaches and clean and need to try the micellar water now!Beth May Blogs

Izzy said...

I really want to try the L'oreal micellar water, I've heard such great things on it! I also have the St Ives face scrub, and I really like it too :)xo

Unknown said...

I need to try the Lo'real micellar water as well as their other makeup removers too. Have heard great things about both.
I use the st.ives scrub as well and it is the best. I go back it very often!
hareem xxx

M said...

Peaches & Clean is my number one cleanser, I adore it! I'm really keen to try out the L'Oreal Micellar waters, everybody seems to be singing their praises at the moment :D

Mollie xo