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Instagram Round Up.

1. Sharing an ice pop with Kenny before she left for Spain. 2. Revenge S1 marathon.
3/4. Sunning myself in the garden.
5. Friend collage with Kenny and Trina. 6. Perfecting the bun.
AW man, we are actually melting here in Ireland. I mean melting. It was hotter here than it was in Lanzarote, madness. Everyone now resembles swollen lobsters. *cough* sunscreen *cough*. That hasn't stopped me from sharing some snaps on instagram though. I really wish blackberry had better apps. My ipod is always dead so instagram for blackberry would be perfection. I edit the hell out of my pictures. Think it makes them that lil bit 'cooler' looking or something. My free time is going to disappear soon, repeat exams need studying for. MATHS. No just no. Procrastination 101. I can't study when there's a heat wave, that would be rude.....right?
Ps. Check make sure you check out one of my fav Irish blogs 'Ziegfield Girl Beauty'.
Grace's blog is fabulous and I know you'll all enjoy. 


Unknown said...

I need to catch up on Revenge! :D
haven't watched it in a long time!
It's really warm here too xx

Dilan Dilir said...

your instagram photos are really cute! :)

Ellie Burns said...

love your photos- i need your daisy shorts! and arrr good luck with revision, dreading going back to college! xx

Unknown said...

Love these posts! I love your shorts, they're so cute :D x

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isobel said...

Those shorts are lovely!