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Nails - Natural collection. Lips - Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie.
Rings - ASOS.
FOTD? more like face of yesterday haha. This post is really just a cheeky reminder about the 'Irish Blog awards', nominations close soon and I would love if you guys took a minute or three to nominate my blog in the 'Best Beauty/Fashion' category. It's located near the end of the list and my blog email is just in the sidebar  over there ---> love you guys forever. Also if you read my blog and don't have GFC or anything like that, you don't need an account to leave a comment or to click the 'like' button beneath the posts. (:
Our heatwave has kind of disappeared. It's still hot but the sun has disappeared behind a sea of clouds and I'm pretty sure there's going to be a thunder storm later. You'll find me cowering in a corner. Thunder scares me. I'm basically twelve. Just as I had made some rockin high waisted shorts too. Completely typical right? Ohh well. Going to make another pair and I might share them on the blog. We'll see how it goes. Little tutorial maybe? My skull top one from last year proved pretty popular and the shorts are so easy (: In other news today, Kate is finally having her baby. I reckon it's going to be a girl who may or may not be called elizabeth but who knows, definitely a girl anyway. Leave what you think below, I'm curious to see what everyone thinks.
Current song love : LA Story.


isoba said...

You look like a pretty fairy :)
I hope Kate gives birth to a girl and how sweet would it be if she was named Elizabeth? I can't wait for the official announcement!

Isabela x

Unknown said...

You look so lovely in this pricture, love the floral crown.
I will pop over and vote for you, wasn't aware there was an Irish Blog Awards until now!
Mel xx

Dilan Dilir said...

so beautiful!

Niamh said...

Yay another Irish blogger! I'll nominate you now! :)

Niamh x

Unknown said...

You look so pretty! The crown is beautiful xx

Temporary:Secretary said...

You look so pretty! x