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Mastering : Winged Eyeliner.

When it comes to my make up I'm usually not very adventurous. It find it hard to find a foundation that actually matches my skin so when I'm not matching I usually don't want to draw too much attention to my cakey orange face, we've all been there lets not lie. Lately however, I've wanted to branch out and move away from my simple everyday look. After watching a few videos on youtube (my inner self wishes she was a pro at this kinda thing) I decided to take the plunge ~this is all very dramatic isn't it?~ and dress up my eyes with a little flick. After the 11th or 13th try it came out pretty okay. I really spent more time trying to get one eye to match the other than I did creating the line. I may or may not have almost lost an eye in the process.
         Urban Decay Naked Palette  (here) Essence Gel Eyeliner (here) Topshop Brighton Rock Lipstick (here).
For my eye's I used "naked" from the 'Naked Palette' along with "sidecar" just to give that lil bit of shimmer. I combined my 'Essence' gel eyeliner with the 'Natural Collection' liquid liner to give a solid black line. I found that the gel just didn't want to move seamlessly across my eyelid and I was left with a few blotches. I'm really eager to try 'NYX' "The Curve" it looks perfect. I finished off the look with '17' "Blowout" mascara and a 'Topshop' lipstick. I'm definitely going to keep trying this out until I get the hang of it. I've had a few of you tweeting me telling me to wet the brush next time and I might even use a bit of tape to help draw the flick at the corner of my eye. Practice, practice, practice.


White Nails are Hawt Right Now,

Yes, white nails are hawt right now. I mean, just take a look at kate moss rocking them on the cover of 'Vogue' last month. Flawless. Not to mention they're all over tumblr right now and all good things start off over there. The whole hipster thing can practically be blamed on tumblr. If you're not on tumblr how do you even waste time?..... Anyway, I've been using the 'Natural Collection' one which I got a while back now. It's not my favorite nail polish ever but it does the job. Quality wise, it's pretty basic. Chips easily, three coats to get a good opaque coat but it does dry quickly so it makes all the reapplying you have to do a bit more effortless. It is only like 3 or 4€ so you can't really expect to get what you would from say 'Essie' (my baby). I love the white nail trend and against a tan it looks even more perfect. Are you rocking the white nail? Comment below.
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pps. It was a boy.



Nails - Natural collection. Lips - Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie.
Rings - ASOS.
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Our heatwave has kind of disappeared. It's still hot but the sun has disappeared behind a sea of clouds and I'm pretty sure there's going to be a thunder storm later. You'll find me cowering in a corner. Thunder scares me. I'm basically twelve. Just as I had made some rockin high waisted shorts too. Completely typical right? Ohh well. Going to make another pair and I might share them on the blog. We'll see how it goes. Little tutorial maybe? My skull top one from last year proved pretty popular and the shorts are so easy (: In other news today, Kate is finally having her baby. I reckon it's going to be a girl who may or may not be called elizabeth but who knows, definitely a girl anyway. Leave what you think below, I'm curious to see what everyone thinks.
Current song love : LA Story.


Mind Your Face.

With the hot weather still in full swing i've been working extra hard to keep my skin clear because lets be honest, make up in this weather just melts off your face and nobody wants that, you know what i'm saying? Thankfully after years of putting up with pretty brutal skin it's now at the stage where I can get away with minimal to no coverage if I'm lucky. I'm a huge believer that it's not what you put on your skin that makes the difference but what you put into your body. You can take all the medication you want and apply as many topical lotions as you want but if you're not working on your inside you're fighting a loosing battle. I've been prescribed 'Zineryt' a few times and even though it does work and clears up everything, once I stop using it everything flares up again. In the last year I've come to realise that dairy products cause my skin to really break out. If I'm having a lot of dairy throughout the week I really notice the difference in my skin so I try my best not to have too much but yeh chocolate..... Water is my best friend though, I chug at least a litre and a half a day. If you aint hydrated your body won't love you and your skin really shows it. Especially around the eye/ear/cheek area. It's amazing what a healthier diet will do for you.
It's not all health health and crazy stuff like that though ;) There's a few products I have in my basic skin care routine to keep those pores clean and all that.
When it comes to removing my day face, I use the 'Loreal' Micellar water. Drop a bit onto a cotton pad (65c for a pack in tesco, bargain) and it effortlessly removes all your make up. I find it's great for removing mascara and eye make up especially as it's so gentle and there's no stinging.
To ensure I have every bit of make up off i use the 'Soap and Glory - Peaches and Cleansing Milk'. I love the smell of this, reminds me of watermelon even though it's peaches, so delish. As far as 'melting away make up' it's pretty useless at that but as a follow up to micellar water it's perfect. It really gets into your pores as you massage it onto your skin and leaves your face feeling refreshed and clean.
I've recently just purchased the 'Garnier - Day Cream'. I'll have a full post on this soon as I'm really loving it and want to give you guys a detailed post. I like how this gives a little glow to my skin whilst keeping it moisturised. The dewy complexion without the foundation. Win win.
The 'St Ives - Naturally Clear' scrub is the first face exfoliator i've used other than the 'Clean and Clear' ones and I'm really enjoying using it. It smells divine and I've found that it's really helped improve the appearance of my lower face where I have some acne scarring. I use it around 3 times a week and don't find it harsh on my face at all.
I'm not an expert on skin care but this is just what works for me. As I said at the beginning, I really believe it's what you put into your body that makes the difference so I'm not overly high maintenance with skin care like some might be. Let me know what you think below.


Readers -

Blog is going to be under construction for the next few days. Possible name and url changes. I'll keep you updated.x


Instagram Round Up.

1. Sharing an ice pop with Kenny before she left for Spain. 2. Revenge S1 marathon.
3/4. Sunning myself in the garden.
5. Friend collage with Kenny and Trina. 6. Perfecting the bun.
AW man, we are actually melting here in Ireland. I mean melting. It was hotter here than it was in Lanzarote, madness. Everyone now resembles swollen lobsters. *cough* sunscreen *cough*. That hasn't stopped me from sharing some snaps on instagram though. I really wish blackberry had better apps. My ipod is always dead so instagram for blackberry would be perfection. I edit the hell out of my pictures. Think it makes them that lil bit 'cooler' looking or something. My free time is going to disappear soon, repeat exams need studying for. MATHS. No just no. Procrastination 101. I can't study when there's a heat wave, that would be rude.....right?
Ps. Check make sure you check out one of my fav Irish blogs 'Ziegfield Girl Beauty'.
Grace's blog is fabulous and I know you'll all enjoy. 


NOTD - A Pinch of Summer.

The sun has made me want to embrace summer shades more than usual. Bright colors look way more vibrant and fun when the sun is shining and you're holding an ice pop in your hand. I've recently added Essie 'Bond With Whomever' to my ever growing Essie collection. It's an addiction really. An expensive addiction considering the price on my local stand went from 7.99€ to 9.99€. I'll be sticking to ordering them from 'Fragrance Direct'. 1.99£ for a bottle. Way more recession friendly. I paired it with 'Cute as a Button' (also from Essie) just to make it look that little more interesting. I fail at nail art so this is the best it gets in terms of creativity. I'm constantly trying to recreate 'Islaays's nail art, but it always turns out tragically and nobody needs to see that. Practice makes perfect I suppose. Have you guys got a go to nail polish brand? Comment below and let me know.


Summer Nights.

Currently melting with a heatwave here in little aul rainy Ireland. Excited is an understatement. I hope you're all enjoying it? I hear the UK is experiencing it too so we're all happy little bloggers. Personally, I'm a winter girl. I love snow, hot chocolates and throwing on the thermals but I'm embracing the sun and frantically trying to get a tan. Sunny weather is kind of dry when your besties are soaking up their own heat waves in New York, Spain and different locations around Ireland but I'm making the most of it. Took the opportunity to get ma summer nails on. Essie 'Bond With Whomever' is new to my collection and I'm loving it. Such a pretty purple and it looks fab paired with Essie 'Cute as a Button'.
Nothing beats laying in the garden listening to 'Demi' on full volume and drinking a home made smoothie. nom. Smoothies are my addiction. I could drink them all day, but I won't cause that would be fruit overload. They're perfect for sunny weather. At the weekend we went to 'Lough Key' and gave the 'Zipit' a whirl. Second time giving it a go and it was ehh great fun. I'm not good with heights but I still gave it a go and did the course a lot faster than last year. *pats self on back*.  I vlogged throughout the day so i'll have a vlog up on that soonish (: The weather is supposed to continue the whole way up till next week, perfect lighting for blogging.
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Wishlist Wednesday #1.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4
5 / 6
This is more of a Brandy wishlist considering 4 out of the 6 items are from 'Brandy Melville'. I'm a little obsessed right now. I have been eyeing up the moselle sweater (2) for ages. Every youtuber known to man has it and its not the most practical for irish weather but it looks so comfy and has a hood and I think it could work. Brandy is just so Cali and tumblr, especially the 'Too sassy for you' tee. Some high waisted shorts / jeans it would look fab. I need a floral crown. They're so cool but I've saw some people wearing them and they look ridonkously big on their heads so I dunno. I don't want to look like an alien. But yeh. Have any of you been lusting after anything?
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Benefit - "They're Real" Mascara.

I like mascara. No really. Could you tell? ;) I've always wanted to try Benefits "They're Real" mascara after reading numerous great things about it. But I'm not one to fork out 20+€ for a mascara to turn around and maybe not like it yano? So thank the lord for magazine freebies. A mascara and a magazine all for under a tenner? Bargaineous.
Benefit "They're Real" claims to "lengthen, curl, volumise, separate and lift" your lashes. I found it does pretty much all these things except separate. I don't know if it's just me but I found it stuck my lashes together rather than separate them which made for some uncomfortable eyes. This problem was easily solved however by coating my lashes with a different mascara first and then applying "They're Real" on top. For the purpose of the before and after I didn't do this. As you can see it does lengthen, curl and volumise my lashes. They look pretty awesome and it really helped open up my eyes and give them that extra oomph. This is the first mascara I have tried that has a plastic wand and I have to say, I love it. The way the bristles are positioned at the end of the wand are perfect for grabbing those stubbornly small lashes at the corner of your eyes that you can never reach no matter how much you try. Definitely the winning point for me. My eyelashes look longer and have that bit of volume that we all want to achieve from our mascara. Other than the lil issue of separation (I'm too fussy and dread the spider leg look) I'm obsessed. What do you guys think? Comment below.
Ps. I would be so thankful if you guys took a minute to nominate my blog in the 'Irish Blog Awards' under the beauty/fashion section. I would also love if you referred to the sidebar and would nominate my blog for 'OohLaLa' Magazines blog awards under the 'Beauty' section. Massive love if you do.