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Summer OOTD

Remember two weeks ago when it was actually sunny and walking around outside meant you were left feeling like a melting popsicle? Me too. Those were fun times running around in ACTUAL summer clothes during summer, eating multiple ice creams and slushies whilst trying to decide if it was worth risking your life by hanging your leg over the side of the bed in an attempt to cool down. I'm lying really cause it's still sunny and warm, just not heatwave standard.
Moving on.....everything in the above OOTD is from Primark last year. I promise you those shorts weren't creased in real life. Its just a weird material and photographed weird. I cringe every time I see an OOTD where the clothes need a good ironing. Just me?
I thought I'd use this post to fill you all in on whats going on around here. I'm finished first year in college (collective woop woop) buuuut I have two repeat exams in August. I just can't do maths. It fills me with anger and sadness and I don't see the relevance of the two subjects to my course but whatever. I have one more year to go and then I'm pretty certain I want to do something more journalistic. I'm not sure though. I really enjoy marketing but I despise the whole 'business' side to it. Accounting + economics + Jess , just doesn't go. But we'll deal with that when the time comes.
As for summer plans, I've got nothing. I'm jealous/annoyed of everyone on FB with their constant airport check ins. So original guys, I applaud you. I crave sunshine, smoothies and beaches but I'm poor and it's not happening.
I'm late to the party with this but i've recently got into 'Game of Thrones'. Season 1 was tragic. Such a snoozefest but they upped the ante for Season 2. Currently making my way though Season 3. It's a little creepier but I'm dealing with it.
I'm moving house soon which is trés exciting. It feels like we've been waiting a lifetime to get the 'official' move in date but all good things take time. I'm just so excited to get decorating. Interior design is my not so secret obsession and lets just say, my bedroom will look like pinterest vomited all over it. Before and after posts will be coming to a blog near you ;)

Ps. I would be so thankful if you guys took a minute to nominate my blog in the 'Irish Blog Awards' under the beauty/fashion section. I was lucky enough to be shortlisted 
last year and I would love to repeat that success this year.


Brigitte Honeybee said...

Aww maths is/was and probably always will be such an enigma to me! I did it twice and managed a D both times!

Congrats on finishing first year college! Definite woop there. If you feel you might want to change direction I'd look it up sooner rather than later lol.

I'm not doing anything this summer either, weep for me too, atleast you're moving.. Thats a little exciting.. Right? Lol

PS: i love personal post, to lovely getting to know the person behind the blog. I want to start doing these too :)

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Unknown said...

Love the colour of the shorts. They are fab! oh I wish the summer would return...currently looking out at the wind and rain!!

Trish xo

Unknown said...

I adore that colour! You look great!
Oh and you're the only one when it comes to creasy clothing! Haha xx

Lilliwhiterose said...

I absolutely love the colour of your shorts! Makes me feel all summery on very overcast day :)

Holly said...

hahahaha you really made me laugh. 'like pinterest vomited all over it'.....nice one.

I can't do maths either :( oh well, I'll get over it. LOL. following you via bloglovin, girlfriend xoxoxo

Collars and Chocolate said...

I want those shorts they're so nice!

Jade x

Unknown said...

Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!!