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Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan.

Unless you've been living under a rock I'm sure most of you have heard of this fabulous tan already. Especially if you're an Irish reader as it is an irish product. 'Cocoa Brown Tan' has absolutely blown up in popularity over here in the last few months. The blogs and twitter have gone wild. I first heard about the tan from a friend (stalk her on twitter here) a few months back. She had nothing but great things to say about it and was majorly impressed with how quickly it developed. I was keen to try it out myself but being on the paler side of pale I didn't know if it would be for me. There's irish pale and then there is ghostly anemic pale like I am. The idea of 'Night and Day' is you're ready to head out straight away. No waiting around for it to dry. You then shower the next morning and you're left with a sun kissed glow. I was lucky enough to receive the new 'Night and Day' tan at a blogger meet up recently but it retails for a bargaineous 7.99€.
Firstly, lets all admire my disastrous application in the 'during' picture (KNEES). When they say it dries quickly, they mean it dries quickly. By the time I had finished applying it to one area on my leg it was 100% dried. So be prepared to move that mousse around like a ninja so you don't risk getting streaky. I'm a total rookie when it comes to tan. I only ever throw on the odd bit of 'St Moritz' if I'm going out with friends so I'm no expert. For anyone that has tried the 'St Moritz' and is thinking of trying 'Cocoa Brown' I really recommend you do as the two couldn't be any more different. Although 'St Moritz' pumps out in mousse form, it's more liquid based than the 'Cocoa Brown' is and I think it's down to this that the CB dries a lot quicker. It is mousse. Having used both, I'm now much more fond of CB. At first I wasn't sure if I would like it, when I pumped it out I was horrified by how dark it was compared to me. Especially as I was applying it. The more I looked at it, the more I thought I liked it but if i'm perfectly honest, I preferred it a lot more after I had showered the next morning. I felt it looked less intense on me if that makes sense? The day version was flawless. I felt so tan. It was like I had just come back from the mediterranean, cause let me tell you, there is no orangeness to this in the slightest. It looks incredibly natural. All the color without the sunburn ;) I'm going to continue using it and work on the application as I feel like that played a part in the intenseness. Beginners look ay? But I really liked it and I'm going to purchase the '1 hour' version when I run out. Have any of you tried this yet? What were your thoughts? Any tips for applying are welcome in the comments please.


Makeup Monster said...

I'm rubbish at tan so couldn't give any tips but looks good (apart from the knees! Joke!)

All the little things - Irish Beauty Blog said...

I also find the drying time a bit difficult, I have dry skin, so it dries even faster on me, I'm literally throwing it on me to try get it even before it dries. I adore the colour of this tan, no orange, just cocoa brown! xxx

Unknown said...

I used the 1 hour one, I showered moisturised and the applied, it comes up pretty dark, but then a shower the next morning and its lovely, so maybe apply at night! Then after the shower next day, moisturise again, lovely :D ♥ really a lot better than the cheaper pennys versions :)

S said...

I like the 1 hour one, it's not as dark looking as the Night and Day one and I don't shower it off after an hour anyway, I'm so impressed with the colour and the lasting power of it! Definite favourite.