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My Top 5 - Summer Nail Polishes.

Oh nail polish. I cannot get enough of it. Really I should have named the blog 'LashingsofNailPolish' rather than 'LashingsofMascara' as mascara posts are seriously lacking on here. But that's for another day. The above nail polishes are my favorite nail polishes to wear throughout summer. It was hard to limit this to five but if I hadn't I probably would have showcased my whole 'Summer' collection and we don't need to see that as really they're all variations of the one shade.

Bikini So Teeny : I've previously posted about 'Bikini So Teeny' here. Everyone has this shade. It's incredibly popular on the blogs right now and I'm guilty of succumbing to the hype. In the sun it's like little glitter bombs on your fingers. The shimmer just pops. The magpie within me just loves this.

Banana Split : The 'Models Own Scented' nails polishes are my first 'Models Own' purchases. I didn't know what to expect. The idea of it being scented like a banana had me won over instantly. I'm a child really. I wasn't too concerned about how good it would be till I was out of boots after I had bought three of them and my friend was all 'but what if they turn out to be rubbish'. Thankfully they're and I'm obsessed with the pastel yellow. It's so cute and screams summer. It's like little banana scented rays of sunshine on your finger nails.

Berry Ice Cream : 'Barry M' nail polishes are so fab. They have such a wide range of shades and i could never pick one. But 'Berry Ice Cream' caught my eye one day and it's the perfect lilac shade. I find 'Barry M' nail polishes are quite resistant to chipping. I get a good 4/5 days out of this. Which is really what you want from a nail polish during the summer. Who has the time to be sat inside on a sunny day reapplying chipped nail polish when it could rain any second. You know what  I mean?

Apple Pie :  I'm guilty of having my fair share of mint pastels. I blame Alexa Chung for sparking this obsession way back in the day. But considering this one smelt like apple pie..... I'm such an impulse buyer when it comes to gimmicky products like this. I love that you can still get the scent ever so slightly on your nails when they've dried. It sets it apart from all the other mint shades I have and its just that little bit lighter than them too. So essentially, its a whole other shade... Everyone needs a good mint nail polish in their collection. It's perfect for summer and winter.

Cute as a Button : This is probably my most worn nail polish. I've previously posted about it here. Compared to the other shades it's a lot more vibrant. It's not swaying to the pastel side of things which is perfect for those of you who don't dig the pastel nail. If you don't dig the pastel nail, you lead a sad life my friend. But this is cute, girly and needs to be worn with multiple summer dresses because that's just how I see it in my mind.

So there you have it 'My Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes'. I do reach for other shades but these are the ones I'm wearing the most and just can't get enough of. I'm thinking of turning this into a series. I might share my top 5 blushes and lipsticks etc. We'll see how it goes lighting wise. It's ridiculously hot and humid out yet no sun. The worst kind of weather.


Summer OOTD

Remember two weeks ago when it was actually sunny and walking around outside meant you were left feeling like a melting popsicle? Me too. Those were fun times running around in ACTUAL summer clothes during summer, eating multiple ice creams and slushies whilst trying to decide if it was worth risking your life by hanging your leg over the side of the bed in an attempt to cool down. I'm lying really cause it's still sunny and warm, just not heatwave standard.
Moving on.....everything in the above OOTD is from Primark last year. I promise you those shorts weren't creased in real life. Its just a weird material and photographed weird. I cringe every time I see an OOTD where the clothes need a good ironing. Just me?
I thought I'd use this post to fill you all in on whats going on around here. I'm finished first year in college (collective woop woop) buuuut I have two repeat exams in August. I just can't do maths. It fills me with anger and sadness and I don't see the relevance of the two subjects to my course but whatever. I have one more year to go and then I'm pretty certain I want to do something more journalistic. I'm not sure though. I really enjoy marketing but I despise the whole 'business' side to it. Accounting + economics + Jess , just doesn't go. But we'll deal with that when the time comes.
As for summer plans, I've got nothing. I'm jealous/annoyed of everyone on FB with their constant airport check ins. So original guys, I applaud you. I crave sunshine, smoothies and beaches but I'm poor and it's not happening.
I'm late to the party with this but i've recently got into 'Game of Thrones'. Season 1 was tragic. Such a snoozefest but they upped the ante for Season 2. Currently making my way though Season 3. It's a little creepier but I'm dealing with it.
I'm moving house soon which is trés exciting. It feels like we've been waiting a lifetime to get the 'official' move in date but all good things take time. I'm just so excited to get decorating. Interior design is my not so secret obsession and lets just say, my bedroom will look like pinterest vomited all over it. Before and after posts will be coming to a blog near you ;)

Ps. I would be so thankful if you guys took a minute to nominate my blog in the 'Irish Blog Awards' under the beauty/fashion section. I was lucky enough to be shortlisted 
last year and I would love to repeat that success this year.


Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan.

Unless you've been living under a rock I'm sure most of you have heard of this fabulous tan already. Especially if you're an Irish reader as it is an irish product. 'Cocoa Brown Tan' has absolutely blown up in popularity over here in the last few months. The blogs and twitter have gone wild. I first heard about the tan from a friend (stalk her on twitter here) a few months back. She had nothing but great things to say about it and was majorly impressed with how quickly it developed. I was keen to try it out myself but being on the paler side of pale I didn't know if it would be for me. There's irish pale and then there is ghostly anemic pale like I am. The idea of 'Night and Day' is you're ready to head out straight away. No waiting around for it to dry. You then shower the next morning and you're left with a sun kissed glow. I was lucky enough to receive the new 'Night and Day' tan at a blogger meet up recently but it retails for a bargaineous 7.99€.
Firstly, lets all admire my disastrous application in the 'during' picture (KNEES). When they say it dries quickly, they mean it dries quickly. By the time I had finished applying it to one area on my leg it was 100% dried. So be prepared to move that mousse around like a ninja so you don't risk getting streaky. I'm a total rookie when it comes to tan. I only ever throw on the odd bit of 'St Moritz' if I'm going out with friends so I'm no expert. For anyone that has tried the 'St Moritz' and is thinking of trying 'Cocoa Brown' I really recommend you do as the two couldn't be any more different. Although 'St Moritz' pumps out in mousse form, it's more liquid based than the 'Cocoa Brown' is and I think it's down to this that the CB dries a lot quicker. It is mousse. Having used both, I'm now much more fond of CB. At first I wasn't sure if I would like it, when I pumped it out I was horrified by how dark it was compared to me. Especially as I was applying it. The more I looked at it, the more I thought I liked it but if i'm perfectly honest, I preferred it a lot more after I had showered the next morning. I felt it looked less intense on me if that makes sense? The day version was flawless. I felt so tan. It was like I had just come back from the mediterranean, cause let me tell you, there is no orangeness to this in the slightest. It looks incredibly natural. All the color without the sunburn ;) I'm going to continue using it and work on the application as I feel like that played a part in the intenseness. Beginners look ay? But I really liked it and I'm going to purchase the '1 hour' version when I run out. Have any of you tried this yet? What were your thoughts? Any tips for applying are welcome in the comments please.


What Bloggers Did Next - Irish Beauty Bloggers Meet Up.

On Saturday I went along to the 'WhatBloggersDidNext' meet up in Dublin at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was put together by the lovely Katie from 'What Katie Healy Did Next'. Katie is an absolute star and really put a lot of work into the day. She mingled with everyone and in the days leading up to the meet up, encouraged everyone to mingle too. I had such a great time and I'm so glad I went along. It was great to finally meet the girls behind the blogs. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little nervous heading along. I mean, you're meeting a bunch of people you've never met before -from the internet- there's a 50% chance I could have walked into the hard rock and been met with 30 men in drag. That didn't happen but you know, you hear stories about this kind of thing and your mind runs away with itself.

When we got into the hard rock we were met by table's filled with sweets and our own bottle of the new 'Day and Night' Cocoa Brown tan to take home with us. I'm so excited to give this a go.

As well as that, there was a table full of mini 'Mane n Tail' samples for us to bring home along with a goodie bag with some NYC foil nail polishes. Katie really went all out to spoil us. It was more than I expected. We also went along to 'Inglot' to watch a make up demonstration. I never bring my glasses anywhere so I couldn't really see what was being done but I really liked the finished look. If you want to check out any of the blogs there's a list of everyone who attended here. Orla form 'Makeup Over Mind' was very clever and sent around a little card for everyone to fill in and posted the list online.

I took a quick snap of what I was wearing to share with you guys. We had intended on taking some group shots but I left early and unfortunately it never happened. My trousers are the AA easy jean ones and my top is from 'New Look'. Got it in the sale for 3€. Bargain. I'm by no means a fashion blogger, so the basic mirror shot whilst weirdly edited to look some what ~cool will have to do I'm afraid
ps. if you're an irish beauty blogger or irish an obsessed with all things beauty, make sure you check out the #irishbbloggers chat. Every Monday at 8:30pm to 9:30pm on twitter.