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Lily Collins - Style Crush.

(Images via Pinterest)
I thought in celebration of the trailer for 'City of Bones' being released last week I'd share with you guys my 'style crush' Lily Collins. I'm so excited for this movie, the books are really good and I'm so happy that Lily is playing Clary. I've been a fan of Lily for years now and it's been interesting to see how her style has evolved since she first jumped on my radar. It's worlds away from what it used to be five, six years ago and her overall appearance has matured too.  The blond highlights, the cali tan have all been traded in for chic dark hair and pale parisian skin, the eyebrows, thankfully, have stayed. Whether she's on the red carpet in this gorgeous monochrome bow dress from 'Paule Ka' or off it in these Diesel boots Lily is always on point and I'm always taking notice. What makes me fawn over her style is, it's so effortless. Skinny jeans, shirts, ankle boots and basic jumpers, theres nothing there that we all can't emulate ourselves or have in our own wardrobes. Even her make up is pretty basic with nothing more dramatic than a simple red or plum lip. I like Lily's style a lot and when I look at it I see hints of my own. I have a lot of similar pieces to her between black skinny jeans, basic tees and khaki jackets. My primark waistcoat can trump her Philip Lim one any day. Most of her 'risks' are on the red carpet which means her street style stays sane enough  for me to take notes from. Top knots and ankle boots, what more do you need? Who's your style crush? Comment below.


Izzy said...

I'm so excited for city of bones! The trailer looks amazing, and I love Lily Collins too! She's gorgeous and wears such lovely clothes :)xo

Anne said...

OMG I love her style sooooo much!
Love, Anna

Crystal Chizoba said...

i LOVE Lily's style!! She has such a unique look about her :)

Hope you have a Marvelous Monday!

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