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Ojon - Damage Reverse Hair Serum.

I got this last year back when Glossybox was still relevant. I only ever used it once or twice and wasn't sure if it was actually making a difference so put it into the back of my drawer and rediscovered it two months ago when having a clear out. The idea is you put it onto the ends of your hair when its wet/damp and it reverses damage to your hair. I was a little skeptical at first, I mean reverse damage, really? My hair is a sizzled mess, I thought it might be a little too good to be true. But I put it to the test and I'm seriously impressed. The ends of my hair are less frizzy and damaged looking than before i started to use this. It took a couple of uses to actually begin to see results but I stuck with it and I'm glad I did. Just have to deal with the split ends. Ideally I should have a before and after pic here but I didn't think I'd bother writing about this so skipped out.... It's pretty simple to use. Just before drying my hair, i put two droplets of the oil onto the palm of my hand rub my hands together and place it onto the ends of my hair, making sure to avoid my roots as it is an oil and you don't want to greasify your freshly washed hair. I then dry my hair as normal and voilá. It is slightly scented which I don't like as its not the nicest of scents but it doesn't linger on your hair thankfully. Have any of you tried this or thinking of trying it? Make sure you comment below.


Polka Dot Nail Art.

Lets just get it out of the way, I'm terrible at nail art. I don't have the patience for it or the steady hand to create such detail. Yet I always find myself on pinterest lusting over all the wonderful nail art and wanted to try something myself. So, I took myself over to the lovely Islay's blog and scrolled through her 'Nail Art' tag till I found something that was so easy even a four year old could do it. Polka dots!!!!! Simple, yet ridiculously cute. Time consuming, yes but worth it to get something different on ma nailzz for a change. I used a white natural collection nail polish which unfortunately barely lasted the day so if any of you can recommend a good white polish please comment below. To create the polka dot's I just used the end of a bobby pin. I might invest in a dotting tool but for now, the bobby pin really works. I used my Essie nail polishes 'Mint Candy Apple', 'Cute as a Button' and 'Bikini So Teeny' and I think the worked pretty well together. It's such a playful look for summer don't you think? If you do nail art on your blog please link me on twitter would love a look.


My Night Time Essentials.

My 'Night Time Essentials' change constantly. I'm always changing products in favor for something else. But I thought i'd share with you guys what I'm loving right now. Bio oil will never not be part of my night time essential items. I apply this every night without fail. I've had incredibly sucky skin for years now and thankfully it's really starting to clear up thanks to a number of changes I've made. 2litres of water a day, major fruit overdoses etc etc. But unfortunately my lower chin area has been left with not so nice scarring from the spots and in attempt to be somewhat rid of them I apply Bio Oil to help reduce the overall redness and it really works wonders. I have a review on it here. I make sure to exfoliate my lips every night using the Lush 'Bubblegum' lip scrub. Review here. I love this little tub and the scrub tastes delicious. Sorry not sorry. You can't help but try it, you're all lying to yourselves if you disagree with me. When I was in town last week I repurchased the Nivea lip balm,  my friend (you know who you are)also bought it, so it's a winnter. It's one of those items you all need. I'm constantly applying it. Especially after exfoliating to help rehydrate and lock in any moisture. Lastly I have some Soap and Glory products. I'm a S&G junkie if you all haven't realised yet. 'Heel Genius' is new to my regime, I can't tell if I like it yet. Primarily down to the smell. It just isn't like the other S&G products which is disappointing. Its more medicinal? I dunno, just not what I was expecting. I'll have a review on this at some stage but at the moment I'm still trying to figure out if it's having any affect on my feet.....ew. I'm nearly all out of 'Girligo' which is sad cause it's one of those really effortless products. I mean you just spray it all over and you're done, just let it soak in. I'm very keen for my skin to be 'summer ready' so i'm trying hard to keep it hydrated by drinking water and using body butters and all that. If only we get to weather for it.. Make sure to comment below with your own 'Night Time Essentials'.


Lily Collins - Style Crush.

(Images via Pinterest)
I thought in celebration of the trailer for 'City of Bones' being released last week I'd share with you guys my 'style crush' Lily Collins. I'm so excited for this movie, the books are really good and I'm so happy that Lily is playing Clary. I've been a fan of Lily for years now and it's been interesting to see how her style has evolved since she first jumped on my radar. It's worlds away from what it used to be five, six years ago and her overall appearance has matured too.  The blond highlights, the cali tan have all been traded in for chic dark hair and pale parisian skin, the eyebrows, thankfully, have stayed. Whether she's on the red carpet in this gorgeous monochrome bow dress from 'Paule Ka' or off it in these Diesel boots Lily is always on point and I'm always taking notice. What makes me fawn over her style is, it's so effortless. Skinny jeans, shirts, ankle boots and basic jumpers, theres nothing there that we all can't emulate ourselves or have in our own wardrobes. Even her make up is pretty basic with nothing more dramatic than a simple red or plum lip. I like Lily's style a lot and when I look at it I see hints of my own. I have a lot of similar pieces to her between black skinny jeans, basic tees and khaki jackets. My primark waistcoat can trump her Philip Lim one any day. Most of her 'risks' are on the red carpet which means her street style stays sane enough  for me to take notes from. Top knots and ankle boots, what more do you need? Who's your style crush? Comment below.


Dry Shampoo - My Two Cents.

This post is a bit different than usual.. Its not a review as such. More my 'two cents' on dry shampoo and wanting to see what you guys think, so please make sure you leave a comment below. This is a weird one for me. I mean so many of you seem incredibly dedicated to your can's of dry shampoo but ahh ~unpopular opinion alert~ I just don't get it? It just really irks me. Obviously some of us have hair that gets greasier than others and may feel the need to whip this out for whatever reason. However, any time i use it I can't help feeling that it makes my hair look dreadful. No matter how hard I try it always makes my hair feel quite gritty and powdery feeling even though it's not visible on my hair and trust me, I have tried a few different brands of dry shampoo. The exception for me would be the 'superdrug' own brand one but thats purely down to the lack of overwhelming scent and powdery feel. Its actually perfect for using when your hair is just washed and you want to get rid of the 'clean clean' that makes it impossible to do anything with your hair as its so slippery. But other than that, I don't get the hype. Maybe its cause I'm blessed with hair that doesn't need to be washed every single day and don't actually need to reach for this?? I put this down to minimal use of hair products and keeping my hair brush cleaned. I'm always surprised by people who don't regularly clean their hairbrushes/replace them. I mean you wouldn't continue to run a dirty foundation brush all over your face, why do the same with your hair brush? Thats a whole other situation though. Yeh I don't get it, to me it's like getting a handful of baby powder and plopping it all over your hair you know?! I actually won this one above in a giveaway a few months back and generally only use it on a night out and want to 'oomph up my hair, not what it was intended for. It's a weird one and I'm just weird.
Comment your thoughts below guys.