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If GFC Goes, Then What?

This is just a quick post to show you guys where  you can follow 'LashingsOfMascara' if the rumors turn out to be true and GFC does in fact disappear in the next few weeks. I have four different sites that are updated with links to new post as soon as they go live and I would love if you gave them a quick follow. Unlike other Facebook 'like' pages I won't spam you 24/7. Just keeping it all blog related with a few other posts in between. You can like it here. Google+ is a little newer for me but its essentially just links to the blog page, just like GFC really, you can connect with that here. Bloglovin' seems to be the place to relocate to. I've been gaining so many people on there recently. It updates itself automatically which is really handy and the homepage is so much easier for keeping up to date on new posts, you'll find my bloglovin' page here. Finally we have Twitter. I'm always tweeting and post my link a few times during the day in case you may have missed a new post. Combined with my own tweets it's a little more personal than the other sites. You can follow me on Twitter here. There you have it. Make sure you connect with any of those sites whilst you can cause if GFC goes and you don't have the blog bookmarked then it's bye, bye, bye.


Zara - Lifes Pretty Visions (Irish Beauty Blog) said...

I hope it doesn't go!!


Unknown said...

Join us on the Bloglovin Blog hop hunny :) :) :)
But im hoping too it doesnt go :)

Unknown said...

The bloglovin blog hop will be reposted up on friday so make sure to add your link